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Celebrating a year of sustainable shared mobility with Joyride

This year was a big one for the shared mobility industry. Vehicles got smarter, regulations got tighter and global ridership trends showed new preferences for vehicle types and pricing models.

According to new market research from Berg Insight, the number of lightweight shared mobility vehicles available worldwide will reach 38.2 million by 2027, up from 25.3 million vehicles in 2022. So we’re right in the middle of a boom – quite literally. 

In this blog post, we relive five main themes from 2023; showcasing the impact of our platform and celebrating how the community as a whole has mobilized like no year before.

Let’s take a look:

Native excellence, endless integrations

It’s safe to say that 2023 was the year of extensibility. As in previous years, we continuously worked to equip our operators with software solutions that drive usage and revenue for scooter and bike share systems, as well as analytics to digest the robust data from their operation. 

Of the many, many new features that launched this year on our platform, none would be possible without the backbone of your fleet – the Rider App. One year ago, our faster, leaner and mightier app launched and has since been boosting ridership for operators across the globe. One European bikeshare provider, for example, has increased their average number of total rides by 73% since migrating to the Rider App. 

Incident avoidance, parking management and pre-ride safety screenings are additional examples of innovations that bloomed this year. Let’s also not forget the public release of our Open API, which opens the door to a world of integration possibilities. Operators using the Joyride platform can now seamlessly connect their services to a wide range of third-party software providers and even build custom tools suited to their specific business needs.

Another standout moment was the official launch of Joyride’s Micromobility Operator App. With a suite of purpose-built productivity features – including vehicle health filters and multi-scan functionality – we put efficient and profitable fleet management at the fingertips of some key industry players. Since its launch last summer, this in-field operations app has been saving valuable time (13 seconds per unlock, to be exact) for our operators. Keep an eye on even more user segmentation coming to this app in 2024 that’ll target specific audiences.  

A smarter micromobility supply chain

As we predicted last year, micromobility vehicles continued to iterate for better durability, longer lifespans and battery density. What we didn’t expect, though, was for major micromobility suppliers, such as Segway Commercial, to shift their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) strategies to only accept orders for 500 or more units. 

Even with fleet financing options, vehicle stock was hard to come by in 2023, but the Joyride Garage hardware catalog continued to grow with new and refurbished vehicles, parts and accessories. Best of all was the transition to a two-way micromobility marketplace, which enables buyers to request quotes directly from suppliers and track every detail of their fleet purchase. 

Our specialization in New Mobility assures top-quality products tailored for your specific fleet needs—including e-scooters, low-speed vehicles, e-bikes, spare parts, IoT devices, batteries and more.

Shared mobility – shared knowledge

The micromobility market continues to mature, and with age comes wisdom. The Joyride Academy team spent 2023 immersed in research, paying keen attention to what worked (and what didn’t) for shared mobility providers big and small. 

With these learnings we created a whole new set of resources to help shared mobility startups avoid common pitfalls and ultimately launch and scale a profitable shared mobility business. And our community dove right in. In fact, the Academy grew by 40% in 2023, with thousands of course enrolments. Across the board, you watched 150 hours of video content, too. 

A few of your favorites included how to get shared mobility parking right, how to improve the rider experience, and of course, The Ultimate Scooter Sharing Business Guide

Record ridership and revenues 

We weren’t the only ones busy in 2023. Fluctuo’s European Shared Mobility Index and the North American Scooter Share and Bike Share Association’s Annual Report demonstrated that micromobility is here to stay–a point proven by the business growth of our customers.

Around the globe our operators hit record ridership, added new vehicle types to their fleets, established strategic partnerships, received prestigious grants, expanded to new markets, and experimented with all sorts of innovative public-private business models.  

Part of the micromobility movement 

The micromobility industry does move fast, and what better way to keep pace than to mingle with movers and shakers in other countries? From Guangzhou to Amsterdam, Joyride’s global team attended and exhibited at dozens of conferences including Micromobility Europe, NABSA, Curbivore, MOVE America, Canton Fair, Eurobike and more!

Seeing the latest in smart technology, climate-tech and electric vehicles is always a blast, and we also had big news of our own. At Micromobility America in San Francisco, we announced our partnership with GEM to deploy IoT-connected low-speed vehicles (LSVs) for shared use. The collaboration connects GEM’s street-legal LSVs, with the Joyride software platform, making it seamless for scooter and bike share operators to go multi-modal, or for new players to get started with minimobility

In the spirit of sharing, we also hosted numerous free webinars where experts from across the industry were invited to share their insights on emerging trends such as Delivery as a Service, and give actionable tips on tricky topics like pricing strategies.


From innovations in smart technology to enhanced user experiences, this year has been a testament to the collective dedication of the Joyride team and the shared mobility industry at large. As we wrap up 2023 during this holiday season, we’re not just celebrating growth, we’re looking forward to an even more collaborative and sustainable future, together. 

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