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Utility Vehicle and Equipment Rental Software

Say goodbye to lost keys and missed sight lines. Gain complete control and visibility over commercial fleets, utility vehicles and equipment rentals using Joyride’s fleet management software.

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Powering vehicle productivity

Automate vehicle access, speed up payment processing and keep inventory in check with one integrated hardware-software solution. With Joyride, any vehicle can be made connected, keyless, shareable and trackable.

Utility Vehicles

Burden & Personnel Carriers

Groundskeeping Vehicles


Electric Forklifts

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Low-Speed Vehicles

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Custom Vehicle Integrations

get smart

Safety and security
made simple

Stay one click away from knowing where your vehicles are, who is using them and how they’re performing. 

platform features

Gain real-time visibility for your assets

Enjoy the benefits of having complete control over driver access, equipment usage stats and vehicle repairs.

ID Verification

Instantly approve driver IDs and rental agreements before granting access to vehicles and equipment

Ticket System

Track service tickets, assign them to team members, and keep your equipment in tip-top condition

Safety Checklist

Enforce safe driving with pre-ride safety screens, equipment checklists and parking verification photos

Battery Monitoring

Monitor vehicle usage and charge cycles to lessen any potential equipment or battery damages

software-defined vehicles

Move with the times

Your riders are digital–and your vehicles should be, too. Joyride-powered electric vehicles are managed through one user-friendly branded mobile app. Keyless access and remote diagnostics reduce operational overhead while redefining user experiences.

Maximize your assets

Why let revenue slip through the cracks? Reclaim lost opportunities using data to minimize asset downtime and unlock the full potential of your vehicles. When it comes to maximizing your productivity, the more information you have–the better. 

Risk Prevention

Keep your drivers safe and your assets protected with geofencing capabilities. Set slow-speed zones, restricted areas and parking zones for each fleet to ensure an accident-free workplace.

Data Access

View live maps with real-time GPS feeds, and access heatmaps with historical data. Over time, asset utilization data can guide fleet expansion plans and decisions for equipment distribution.

Remote Control

Leverage telematics and smart connectivity to keep track of your assets after they leave the lot. Use an in-field operator app to pinpoint the exact location of each vehicle and identify issues before they escalate. 

Drive growth

Operate from anywhere

Categorize commercial equipment and consumer vehicles with separate billing plans and public or private access. Whether you operate in one location or many, collect data from every vehicle, trip and transaction.


Modernize mobility and equipment rentals

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