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Outdoor Recreation Vehicle Rental Software

Give visitors the ultimate outdoor adventure without breaking a sweat. Rent out any electric vehicle using one keyless, connected and trackable software platform. 

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Always adventure-ready.

Say goodbye to lost keys and paper waivers. With smart-connected vehicles like e-bikes, mopeds, 4-wheelers and snowmobiles, visitors arrive, scan and start their adventures. 

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Seamless booking,
smooth riding

Make vehicle rentals a breeze with automated software. Monitor, track and control your fleet with ease, ensuring optimal performance and safety for vehicle use at resorts, parks, nature reserves and campgrounds.

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Rev up your rental revenue

With short- or long-term vehicle rental options, guests can explore the beauty of your park or outdoor resort at their own pace, while you gain new paths to recurring revenue and subscriptions

Vehicle Tracking

Monitor vehicle locations, usage and battery levels in real-time in order to maximize rental opportunities

Customer Support

Immediately respond to customer support requests and keep track of vehicle maintenance issues over time

Safety Features

Enforce safe driving with ID checks, parking verification photos, DUI prevention tests and anti-theft measures

Battery Monitoring

Monitor vehicle usage and charge cycles to mitigate any potential equipment or battery damages

Customer Stories
“I feel like I have a whole fleet-management team behind me, and I’m seeing huge revenue growth without lifting a finger. The analytics available are putting my fleet in the best opportunity for scaling.”
Erika Apicella
Coast Provincetown, CEO
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Property maintenance productivity

When it comes to maximizing your assets, the more information you have–the better. Get full visibility into employee use of maintenance vehicles, ensuring effective and responsible use across the property.

Joyride fleet management features geofences

Why let revenue slip through the cracks?

Capture more revenue per guest with flexible payment options and a variety of pricing strategies; including reservation fees, time-based pricing, subscriptions, long-term rental and prepaid ride passes

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Risk Prevention

Keep park visitors safe and your assets protected with geofencing capabilities. Set slow-speed zones, restricted areas and parking zones for each fleet to ensure an accident-free adventure.

Data Access

View live maps with real-time GPS feeds, and access heatmaps with historical data. Leverage telematics and smart connectivity to make data-driven decisions for your business.

Monitor Usage

Maintain oversight on which vehicles are checked out and when they’re due to return. Remotely monitor battery levels and maintenance needs to ensure optimal availability for customers.

Drive growth

Smart solutions for happy campers

Let customers focus on the journey, not the logistics. Joyride’s app keeps property guests informed about vehicle availability, battery life and nearby charging stations, ensuring a stress-free adventure from start to finish.

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Modernize adventure vehicle rentals

Schedule a demo of the Joyride platform to start generating revenue from vehicle rentals at your park, vacation resort, nature reserve, or campsite, today.


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