Joyride Dashboard

Your portal into full fleet visibility.

Watch your vehicles and business move with instant monitoring and analytics. Manage operations from anywhere with automated tools that save you time and money.

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The fastest fleet solution

Designed for speed and productivity

Joyride’s next-generation fleet management dashboard offers complete insight into the status of your vehicles and business operations.  Enable scheduling, geofencing, state of charge, maintenance items, utilization rates and analytics – all in seconds, and all in one place. 

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Gain 24/7 access to our dashboard for real-time fleet visibility


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Add vehicles, configure payment gateways, create service areas and get full operational control


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Optimize fleet operations with intuitive analytics, real-time tracking and marketing engagement tools


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Save time and insurance costs with automated features like slow zones and operational hour settings
vehicle location control

Service areas and geofencing

Implement geofencing parameters in seconds. Define where vehicles must be parked, and take precautionary measures around potential risk areas.

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build your own workflow

Third-party integration capabilities

Connect with a wide range of third-party software providers or develop custom tools to extend and streamline your operations with Joyride’s Open API.


Improve your fleet management experience

In-Page Analytics & Reporting 

Access intuitive in-page analytics and customize reports effortlessly for informed decision-making and potential savings.

Heatmaps & Advanced Map Analytics

Visualize hotspots, analyze rider behavior, and identify high-demand areas to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Multi-Fleet Management

Efficiently manage public, private, and rental fleets , optimizing operations and maximizing vehicle utilization.


Manage, monitor, and optimize vehicle and charging station performance, including virtual testing capabilities, for real-time fleet oversight.

Customer Management

Improve customer engagement seamlessly with management of push notifications, banners, email, SMS campaigns, passes, promos, and referrals.

24/7 Support Tools

Deliver exceptional customer experience at scale with self-serve and automated support tools. Integrate chatbots like Mavenoid to troubleshoot vehicle issues before human intervention.

Billing Management

Configure billing and manage payment gateways to simplify pricing strategies across public, private, and rental fleets.


Manage your team by adding members, creating customized roles, and assigning them to specific fleets for streamlined collaboration and efficient operations.

Core Benefits


Platform Features


Automated Efficiency

Utilize preset fleet Operational Hours and other automated tools to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Centralized Control

Manage vehicles, rentals, and revenue seamlessly from a single backend system, saving time and resources.

Real-Time Insights

Access instant updates on vehicle location, charging status, and maintenance needs through complete data capture and display across all critical metrics.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with city regulations by seamlessly integrating MDS and GBFS data feeds.

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Customer Stories
“I feel like I have a whole fleet-management team behind me, and I’m seeing huge revenue growth without lifting a finger. The analytics available are putting my fleet in the best opportunity for scaling.”
Erika Apicella
Coast Provincetown CEO on renting vehicles at 12 hotels in Cape Cod

Smart technology that scales

With intelligently connected vehicles at the ready, the only thing missing from the Joyride platform is your logo. Get your branded dashboard within weeks and watch the ride revenue roll in.

For micromobility fleet operators

Discover why mobility businesses in 250 global markets rely on the Joyride platform to manage their micromobility fleets.

For companies new to shared mobility

Create new customer experiences and watch your business flourish as you embrace the advantages of a connected fleet of vehicles.


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