Be unstoppable.

Joyride is the only platform you need to build a profitable and sustainable micromobility business. Let us get you there faster.


Powering Every Point of Your Journey.

Software. Hardware. Data. Knowledge.
All in one place.


Looking for e-scooters, bikes, mopeds and more? Get the hardware you need with unparalleled fulfilment and low-interest financing options.


Take hold of the micromobility industry with your own branded app and a full software marketplace. Sophistication, done swiftly.


Manage your fleet of vehicles with up-to-the-second analytics and a one-stop backend dashboard system. Automation at its best.


Join a scaling global platform that’s configured to meet the requirements of any city, anywhere. Go to new places at the flip of a switch.


Watch Joyride’s Platform in Motion.

Streamline your ops

Get every white-label software feature tailored to your fleet. Our customizable dashboard includes real-time GPS tracking, geofencing, support alerts and up-to-the-minute analytics.

Get vehicles on-demand

Sync with the industry’s leading electric scooters, bikes, e-bikes, mopeds and smart locks. Our IoT integrates with the world’s most innovative micromobility vehicles, and our Hardware Team is here to source your rides directly from the manufacturer.

Put your name on it

Provide your customers with a completely branded user app featuring promotional offers, multiple payment options, long-term vehicle rentals and referral marketing programs.

Grow beyond the city center

Tap into thriving markets with a private sharing model for hotels, deliveries, campuses and residential complexes. We rethink how scooters, mopeds and bikes bring value to businesses and institutions.

Automate your business

Take your fleet from 50 to 500,000 vehicles with automated deployment and tracking tools. Your ambitions won’t outgrow our software’s management capacity.

Switch to Joyride

We make it quick and easy to migrate fleet to our platform, no matter your current software provider.

Every Joyride Customer Counts

4.1 million

miles travelled

2.6 million kg

greenhouse gas offsets

296,000 gallons

gasoline saved


Share a Fleet, Keep the Change

Operating a micromobility business is good for the planet and your wallet. With 30% profit margins, expect your scooter or bike fleet to become profitable within three months of launch. Even sooner, your business will significantly reduce our global carbon footprint by getting people out of cars and onto eco-friendly lightweight devices.


We Scale
The Globe

Our partners have clocked millions of miles across 200+ markets and five continents. We measure our success in their growth.