Get Smart with Connected Low-Speed Vehicles

Instantly integrate your low-speed vehicles and all other electric utility vehicles to make your fleet connected, keyless, shareable and trackable on the Joyride platform.

red Gem e2 low speed vehicle with Joyride Rider App on an iphone

Bring minimobility to life.

Smart connectivity lets any electric vehicle become tracked, accessed, monetized and safely shared within private facilities, employee networks, public events and more.

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Gain complete insight into the status of your vehicles, tracking usage, state of charge, maintenance items and utilization rates
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Reduce risk and insurance costs with unmatched safety features like geofencing restrictions, slow zones and seat belt enforcement
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Easily control vehicle usage in-app, enabling keyless access, customized controls and real-time instant ID checks
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Operate your own rental fleet for specific use cases, or intro a revenue-share model with your customers

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GEM e6 forklift and Gem utility vehicle behind joyride EV rental app
our solution

Core Benefits

Intelligent mobility empowers you to:

Joyride fleet management features geofences
Platform features

How Joyride puts fleet management at your fingertips

Branded App

Receive a custom mobile Rider App in your brand

Fleet Oversight

Manage multiple fleets from one tracking dashboard

Keyless Access

Remotely unlock and operate electric vehicles all in-app

Operations App

Communicate directly with field operations team members

Real-time Data

Track vehicle location, state of charge and maintenance needs


Control vehicle activity and speed limits in specific areas

In-App Transactions

Additional value through rev-sharing and transaction fees

Customer Support

Access 24/7 customer support tools with automated tools

Platform Features

gem mini lsv illustration

Platform Features

gem mini lsv illustration

Connected Mobility

Seamlessly integrate LSVs and other electric vehicles into your business with easy-to-use connectivity features. Joyride’s best-in-class software is integrated with leading hardware brands to put efficient and sustainable urban transportation in your hands.

Keyless Convenience

Say goodbye to rental kiosks and misplaced keys. Instead, users can lock, unlock and operate a smart-connected mini car using only their smartphone.

Trackable Assets

It’s time to take the guesswork out of fleet management. Decisions become data-driven with access to real-time updates on vehicle location, utilization, health, battery status, and maintenance needs.

Shareable Benefits

Share the eco-friendly advantages of small electric vehicles through a public rental system, or private vehicles reserved for employees, hotel guests, or tenants or tenants of residential properties.

red gem e2 with Joyride private electric vehicle app
red gem e2 with Joyride private electric vehicle app
smartphone scanning QR code to reserve or unlock as shareable electric vehicle
laptop with Joyride minimobility fleet management software gem e2 with location icon
Joyride private fleet rental app with gem e2 vehicle and location pin

Move with the times

It’s time to transform ridership with Joyride IoT kits for electric vehicles. 


Get a full demo of Joyride’s connected mobility software and introduce your own pilot program by filling out this form today. 


Joyride Platform Feature Sheet


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