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From Ride Pass to Open API, here is what’s new to the Joyride platform

As the summer season ramps up, we are thrilled to add a batch of new shared mobility software features to the Joyride platform. Each feature is designed to empower operators with enhanced capabilities, paving the way for improved customer experiences and increased revenue opportunities.

Introducing Ride Pass, Open API, Custom Menu Items and Push Notifications. Join us as we dive into the details.

joyride platform API

Ride Pass – Simplify the rider experience 

In the micromobility rental process, pre-payments go a long way. Ride Pass offers operators an additional payment option for riders, expanding beyond the current pay-per-ride model. Now, you can create customized passes with flexible pricing and duration options, including a one-day, 3-day, weekly,, monthly, 3-month, 6-month and annual passes. 

The benefits of Ride Pass extend far and wide:

  • Increased Customer Loyalty – Riders can enjoy a hassle-free experience with prepaid ride credits, encouraging them to choose your services over competitors. Consider them bound to your services in the best way possible.

  • Revenue Boost – By offering attractive pricing packages, you will incentivize riders to make more frequent trips, leading to increased ridership and revenue.

  • Operational Efficiency – Ride Pass simplifies the payment process, reducing the administrative process for both riders and operators.
joyride platform API

Joyride Open API – Endless integration possibilities 

Open API through the Joyride platform is here. Seamlessly connect your services to a wide range of third-party software providers or even build custom tools to supercharge your operations, unlocking a realm of new features and functionalities that extend the capabilities of your current operations.

We’re proud to offer this important solution that enables operators to seamlessly connect, innovate and open the door to a world of endless integration possibilities.

Here are more details:

  • Platform Extension – Integrate your micromobility services with third-party software providers, unlocking new features and functionalities that enhance your current software plan. Consider optimizing your whole fleet operation and battery system by connecting your valuable data to industry-leading platforms like Lanterne. Or better yet, create your very own data center and unlock powerful insights by seamlessly connecting your data to PowerBI. The possibilities are truly limitless.

  • Fleet-specific Control – Achieve fine-tuned control by leveraging our Open API, allowing third-party apps to access specific data tailored to specific fleets, ensuring a seamless integration experience with enhanced data privacy and security.

  • Operational Savings – Effortlessly retrieve data and streamline operations through our Open API, reducing manual processes and improving efficiency for significant operational savings.
joyride platform API

Custom Menu Item – Expand business opportunities 

Custom Menu Item gives you additional space within the app so that you can better engage customers and unlock new business opportunities. This feature allows you to cross-sell products and promote new offerings right from your home screen menu. 

It’s free space, so why not cash in on the real estate? The benefits for your operation are endless:

  • Creative Flexibility – Leverage this feature to showcase unique offerings, such as merchandise, events or special promotions, tailored to your target audience.

  • Increased Revenue – By strategically combining Custom Menu Item along with marketing banners and notifications, you can guide riders to specific areas within the app, improving conversion rates and generating additional revenue.
joyrdie platform API

Push Notifications – Engage riders in real-time 

With Push Notifications, keep riders informed and engaged through personalized messages, promotions and updates. This feature allows you to create, schedule and target custom messages to specific rider segments. Stay connected with your audience and unlock the following benefits:

  • Personalized Engagement – Deliver targeted offers and promotions to riders, fostering a sense of exclusivity and increasing their willingness to take action. Feel like offering free rides on a whim? Want to offer up a free cup of coffee at your local coffee shop? Breed loyalty with an instant banner message.

  • Improved Communication – Instantly communicate important updates, safety reminders, or any other relevant information directly to riders’ mobile devices, ensuring a seamless and informed experience. The micromobility experience should be a two-way street, so make sure you talk to your customers frequently and effectively!


As always, there’s more to come. But as you can see, Spring/Summer ’23 brings a fresh wave of innovation to the Joyride platform at the forefront. These features offer enhanced capabilities to elevate  micromobility operations, drive revenue growth and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

To learn more about these exciting new additions, check out our Joyride Plugins page or request a personalized demo here.

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