About Us

We’re fast, flexible and fueled by a passion for moving cities forward.

We are here to move you

Joyride launched in 2014 as a bike-share management system and has since evolved into the world’s leading lightweight electric vehicle mobility platform. Currently, thousands of electric vehicles in 250+ markets are powered by Joyride’s management platform, making sustainable mobility instantly keyless, connected, shareable and trackable. Our turnkey tech does all your heavy lifting through a white-label user app, backend management operations, IoT connectivity, payment gateway, long-term rentals, hardware-agnostic integrations and more.  Our next-generation platform is designed to manage your operations and equip you with the tools needed to scale across the globe, because it’s in all of our best interests to make roads more accessible, sustainable and ready for the future.

about us

How we operate

The only thing that’s missing from the Joyride platform is your logo. In addition to our suite of features, our software is a gateway to third-party partners that take our offerings to more places—all in one place.

What we stand for

Safety and sustainability

Improving our surroundings starts at ground level with proper helmet use, speed limits and geo-fencing regulations. Scooters produce about 1% of the carbon emissions of a standard car, and we’re on our way to bettering city life by partnering with only the most efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles on the road.

A fair, competitive marketplace

Micromobility is local first and won’t be dictated by one or two companies. Anyone with the drive to launch and grow a mobility business should have the same sophisticated software as billion-dollar players.


Our operators and channel partners require reliable, up-to-the-minute insights in order to uphold their business and legal mandates, while also providing cities with accurate data.

Innovating for the future

We support businesses through improving our own, which is why we’re constantly introducing new features and integrating with like-minded micromobility platforms. 

about us

Why it’s better to share

We believe shared mobility is built on trust. We have longstanding partnerships with customers in more than 250 global markets, along with city transit systems and global hardware manufacturers.

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