Connected Vehicle Solutions

Vehicle Rental Software for Hotels and Resorts

Make electric vehicle access at hotels, resorts, AirBnBs and rental properties a breeze with branded apps and automated tools that save time and headaches for you and your guests. 

vehicle rental software for hotel bikes and golf carts

Cash out on check-ins

Keep pace with 80% of Gen Z travellers who prefer mobile check-ins and keyless experiences by offering tap-and-go rentals that come packed with recurring revenue opportunities.    


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Custom Vehicle Integrations

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Tailored travel experiences

Give guests an easy and eco-friendly way to explore resort grounds or nearby attractions. Stay one click away from knowing where your vehicles are, who is using them and how they’re contributing to local tourism.

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platform features

Low maintenance, high upside

With transportation arranged at a central pick-up/drop-off point, guests can fully immerse themselves in experiences and exploration.

Private Access

Create private fleet codes shared only with guests and staff, and instantly approve driver IDs and rental agreements

Vehicle Tracking

Monitor vehicle locations, usage and battery levels in real-time in order to maximize rental opportunities

Safety Features

Enforce safe driving with in-app vehicles, parking verification photos, DUI prevention tests and anti-theft features 

Promos and Offers

Collaborate with tour guides and nearby businesses to offer convenient and exciting travel experiences, and engage guests in-app

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Customer Stories
“The Joyride Platform is crucial for us to run our business. Everything is digitalized which makes things so much easier for the hotel staff and guests--and so establishing at new hotel in a new market is very easy for us.”
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Jakob Hultman
Bicelo, Founder & CEO
Modern Hospitality

A fully automated amenity

Even small vehicle fleets have huge financial upsides. Minimal operating costs and automated fleet management tools means offering shared mobility as an amenity is good for the planet and your bottom line. 

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Revolving doors lead to recurring revenue

From budget-friendly bike rentals at resorts to luxurious electric vehicles at high-end hotels, properties with high occupancy rates benefit from a steady stream of rental opportunties.

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Boost Revenue

Capture more revenue per guest with flexible payment options and a variety of pricing strategies; including reservation fees, time-based pricing, subscriptions and pre-paid ride passes

Track Trends

View live maps with real-time GPS feeds, and access heatmaps with historical data. Leverage telematics and smart connectivity to keep track of your assets after they leave hotel grounds

Monitor Usage

Maintain oversight on which vehicles are checked out and when they’re due to return. Remotely monitor battery levels and maintenance needs to ensure hassle free adventures for your guests.

Drive growth

Boost your brand power

Fleet management software is like your concierge, hotel manager and housekeeping team all in one. From backend management to customer-facing software, Joyride is your one-stop solution for hardware, insurance and all other considerations that come with your fleet.


Modernize your hotel's mobility services

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