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Rental Software for Cargo and Delivery Vehicles

This is on-demand delivery at its best. Keep up with the ever-growing logistics sector by deploying and managing a fleet of electric cargo vehicles. Lease your vehicles to gig workers, third-party delivery services (3PDs), or commercial businesses with Joyride’s delivery vehicle rental software platform.

box bike and cargo vehicle with delivery vehicle rental software widgets

Powering last-mile delivery systems

Joyride’s versatile software platform powers a wide range of commercial micromobility fleets and electric cargo vehicles, delivering on every mobility business need.

keego long tail cargo bike

Delivery E-Bike Rentals

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Delivery Scooter Rentals

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Cargo Trike Rentals

cargo quad vehicle

Cargo Quad Rentals

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LEV Rentals

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Custom Vehicle Integrations

3PD gig workers

Instant delivery vehicle access

Offer a fast and convenient user experience tailored to the needs of delivery service workers. With a streamlined vehicle reservation process and instant ID verification, they’ll be on the road in no time.

e-moped with Joyride vehicle rental app on smartphone

Last-mile logistics obstacles, resolved

Reclaim lost time and resources from gas-guzzling vans. Joyride’s platform makes it easy – and lucrative – to empower businesses with a right-sized and eco-conscious alternative.

Third-Party Logistics

Lease cargo trikes, quadricycles and other cargo vehicles to commercial fleet businesses and delivery services providers

Food & Parcel Delivery

Offer vehicle leasing or subscription models to gig workers delivering food and parcels on behalf of quick commerce companies 

Postal Service

Partner with government postal services and global shipping and logistics services to make local deliveries more sustainable

Courier Service

Rent or operate a fleet of vehicles to provide rapid door-to-door delivery service of letters and parcels for all types of businesses

Logistics providers

Data-driven deliveries

With real-time tracking of asset location, and insights into state-of-charge, repair history and uptime status, you’ll always know where your commercial micromobility vehicles are and how they’re performing.

Maximize vehicle productivity and profits

Courier and cargo vehicles rack up a lot of miles. Our high-performance vehicle tracking solution ensures that vehicles are always ready to deliver goods quickly, safely and reliably.

delivery service worker paying for a delivery ebike rental with a mobile app
cargo bike battery tracking using delivery vehicle rental software

Generate Rental Revenue

Rent to both individuals and companies with flexible payment options and a variety of pricing strategies; including reservation fees, time-based pricing, long-term rentals, subscriptions and pre-paid ride passes.

Monitor Vehicle Usage

View live maps with real-time GPS feeds, and access heatmaps with historical data. Leverage telematics and smart connectivity to keep track of asset uptime, battery level and availability–at all times.

Measure Fleet Performance

Maintain oversight on which vehicles are checked out and when they’re due to return. Remotely monitor battery levels and maintenance needs to ensure hassle free delivery routes.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Make your vehicles the new industry standard

E-commerce is driving exponential growth in the courier, express and parcel delivery market. Partner with Joyride to become the go-to fleet partner with a full delivery vehicle rental software solution.

smartphone scanning QR code to reserve or unlock as shareable electric vehicle

Transform the last-mile delivery space

The Joyride platform is built to scale alongside market changes, integrating with emerging vehicle types and technologies for continued innovation within the transportation and delivery ecosystem.

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