Move forward with next-gen vehicle connectivity.

You make people move, now add value while doing it. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across the globe are embracing modernized mobility with connected, keyless, shareable and trackable vehicle solutions powered by Joyride. 

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Redefine smart mobility

IoT and telematics allow OEMs to tap into recurring revenue, consumer apps, personalized customer experiences, automation and support – all in one place.

Next-Gen Mobility

Software-Defined Vehicles

The next generation has never known life without their phones. Attract and retain Millennial and Gen Z customers by looking beyond the assembly line and building complete brand experiences. Joyride acts as an operating system for your vehicles, transforming them into software-defined assets.

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Next-Gen Mobility

Revenue Building

Disrupt the shared rental, corporate fleet, delivery and consumer markets with a comprehensive hardware-software solution that unlocks new streams of recurring revenue. Collect data on usage patterns, vehicle maintenance and user feedback to bring more value and personalized experiences to your vehicles. 

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Next-Gen Mobility

Immersive Innovation

In a fragmented and competitive market, Joyride syncs IoT, software, support and implementation through one turnkey solution. It’s not just about updates–it’s about adding value to your vehicles. No matter your vehicle specs, business model or geographical spread, count on our universally adaptable telematics to seamlessly connect your fleet.

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Next-Gen Mobility

Smart, Safe, Secure

Harness the power of IoT and telematics to prioritize safety and security like never before. Real-time monitoring of vehicle performance, location tracking and remote diagnostics enable proactive maintenance and swift response in case of emergencies.

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Bring mobility to life

Thousands of electric vehicles in 250+ global markets are powered by Joyride’s management platform, making sustainable mobility instantly keyless, connected, shareable and trackable.


For OEMs, this means a modernized mobility solution that brings vehicles to life beyond your point of sale.

Branded Vehicle App

Include software with every vehicle. Pick and choose features to suit your business model, geography and ideal customer profile.

User Behavior Insights

Aggregate and anonymize vehicle data to identify vehicle usage patterns without compromising individual user privacy.

Automated Engagement

Continuously upsell vehicle owners with maintenance, vehicle parts and service offers–all automated based on ridership milestones.

24/7 Support Tools

Deliver exceptional customer experience at scale with self-serve and automated support tools to troubleshoot vehicle issues.

Engage beyond the point of sale

It’s time to move dealerships beyond the brick-and-mortar mentality. Our end-to-end OEM solutions streamline the entire dealership experience, from order placement to after-sales support. With paperless rentals, automated billing cycles, and custom-built consumer apps, dealers offer a whole new suite of services beyond the point of sale.

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Solutions built for vehicle OEMs

Joyride-powered electric vehicles are seamlessly connected via our suite of end-user and operational apps. Contact us to learn more about our custom connectivity solutions for mobility OEMs.

OEM Solutions

Management Dashboard

Fuel R&D with fleet performance analytics, while enhancing the individual ownership experience through seamless OTA updates. Gain real-time insights, optimize operations, and stay ahead of the curve with our intuitive dashboard interface.

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Ownership Experience

Consumer App

You’re not just selling vehicles—you’re pioneering a movement toward a greener, more connected future. Empower consumers to embrace EV ownership with data insights, battery management, key sharing and more.

Fleet Revenue

Long-Term Rental App

The Subscription Economy has become a permanent fixture in today’s market, changing how we consume goods and services. EV fleet operators are in search of intelligent software solutions to modernize their rental processes.

Let's get moving

Unleash the potential of any vehicle

One-of-a-kind technology for infinite use cases. Joyride’s platform will sync with vehicles from small two-wheelers through to electric cars. The possibilities are endless.


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