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Next-Level Efficiency Tool for Micromobility Field Operations Teams.

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Supercharge your field team's performance

Lightning-fast operations and unrivaled productivity for battery swapping and rebalancing teams.

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Efficiency on-the-go

The Operator App empowers field operators in the micromobility industry with a sophisticated mobile tool.

With its intuitive mobile interface and multi-scan feature, operators can streamline operations, enhance efficiency and maximize productivity while performing tasks on the go.

App Features


App Features


Multi-scan Efficiency

Save time and boost efficiency with rapid scanning of multiple vehicles.

Haptic Feedback

Experience real-time vibrations and visual cues for instant confirmation, enhancing user experience without screen distractions.

Instant Fleet Updates

Stay in the know with real-time data on fleet allocation, vehicle status, battery levels, and maintenance needs.

Maximize Action Control

Handle your operations in tandem; add to cart, unlock and lock vehicles, open batteries and more!

Joyride Operator App Haptic Multi Scan Vehicles Feature
Joyride Operator App Haptic Multi Scan Vehicles Feature
Joyride Operator App Haptic Feedback Feature
Joyride Operator App Filter Feature
Joyride Operator App Vehicle Actions Feature
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