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5 fresh, flexible mobility software features to boost rider engagement

When it comes to our newest batch of mobility software features for shared electric vehicles, safety and flexibility are top of mind. Joyride has introduced a series of updates and features designed to enhance the rental experience for both riders and fleet operators. 

While varied in their functions, these five updates are threaded together in the name of improving overall rider engagement. Let’s explore them in more detail.

1. Prioritize safety with Beginner Mode

Joyride-powered operators in 250+ markets all recognize the importance of rider safety. With that in mind, we’ve amplified our suite of safety features with the release of Beginner Mode. This smart feature allows operators to customize vehicle acceleration paces for riders, providing options between low and medium speed modes to align with business models as well as market demands.

This feature supports first-time riders—and also those looking to refresh their skills—by starting gradually and building their riding confidence. It also showcases operators’ commitment to safety. This effort can result in lower insurance costs and a competitive advantage in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) by showing a strong safety focus.

2. Tackle unexpected issues with Grace Period

Not every ride starts smoothly, and this feature is here to tackle those unexpected situations. Before, riders faced the inconvenience of needing to raise tickets and request refunds immediately for issues like malfunctions or battery problems when starting a ride. Now, operators can set a specific time window within a maximum number of rides—also known as Grace Period—during which riders won’t face any charges for starting and stopping a ride due to such occurrences. 

This new feature is now available to all our customers, empowering operators to boost their revenue by reducing transaction costs for refund-eligible rides.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Embrace the power of Joyride Plugins and extend your platform’s capabilities with specialized software add-ons tailored for the mobility industry. You won’t find this lineup anywhere else. 

3. Unlock Ride Pass – Minute Pass

In addition to our one day, three-day, weekly, monthly, three-month, six-month and annual passes introduced last summer, Joyride has now released the Minute Ride Pass in response to the demand for even more flexible options. 

Unlike fixed-duration passes, operators can now create passes by the minute, allowing riders to use them at their convenience across multiple trips until the minutes expire.

Benefits to this update include offering a wider range of durations and tailoring them to meet varying rider preferences. This not only ensures driving consistent revenue streams but also reducing administrative tasks related to pass renewals.

4. Stay relevant with Push Notifications – New User Segments

Similar to Minute Pass, the Push Notifications feature has been updated to include six new user segments to improve communication with riders. 

In addition to All Users and Users with no rides in the last 30 days, new segments include: 

  1. Users who purchased a Promo,
  2. Users who purchased a Ride Pass in the last 30 days,
  3. Users with Force Ended rides in the last 30 days,
  4. Users completing more than 3 rides in the last 30 days,
  5. Users who signed up in the last 30 days, and
  6. Users who provided negative feedback in the last 30 days.

Now, operators have more power to keep riders in the loop with personalized messages, promotions, and updates with precision. The best part? There is no limit to the number of notifications you can send. 

Discover more ways to harness marketing tactics for your fleet by checking out the FREE Joyride Academy Marketing Masterclass course here. 

5. Power up for the long haul with Joyride Rentals

Missed our recent Joyride Academy Industry Webinar on powering new mobility models with Joyride Rentals? We have rolled out a new offering for flexible short and long-term rentals–think days, weeks and even months. 

Fleet operators gain full control with the ability to accept or reject requests directly from the dashboard. Riders enjoy a hassle-free experience, starting and ending their ride without scanning any QR codes. 

Diversify your business! Whether you’re managing public fleets, offering branded scooter and bike rentals at hotels or partnering with gig workers, Joyride Rentals is now available worldwide for both existing and new operators.

What’s next?

As the demand for safe, reliable and user-friendly shared scooter and bike rentals heats up, Joyride continues to introduce features that not only enhance operational efficiency but also drive revenue growth and ensure outstanding customer experiences.

To integrate these features into your fleet operations and unlock their benefits, visit our Joyride Plugins page or request a personalized demo contacting our team here.

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