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Ride Pass

Monetize riding services via adaptable, customized and scalable riding subscriptions.

Enhance Rider Loyalty and Convenience with Ride Pass: Flexible, Subscription-based Payment Solutions

Ride Pass introduces an innovative approach to foster rider loyalty while diversifying payment options for operators beyond the conventional pay-per-ride model. Offering customizable passes—such as minute pass, one-day, 3-day, weekly and monthly, as well as 3-month, 6-month and annual passes for longer durations—Ride Pass provides a seamless solution tailored to rider needs.

Additionally, the introduction of subscriptions within Ride Pass enables riders to effortlessly purchase passes with auto-renewal functionality, eliminating manual renewal hassles. This enhancement streamlines the rider experience, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty while empowering operators to drive recurring revenue through subscriptions.

This feature update delivers unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and robust features, empowering businesses of all sizes to effectively monetize their services through subscription-based models.


App Details


  • Increase rider loyalty building with flexible Ride Pass options
    Create a range of customizable pass durations, including daily, weekly, monthly, and longer-term passes, meeting various rider preferences and usage needs.
  • Comprehensive Performance Tracking for Informed Decision-Making
    Get comprehensive insights to meticulously track pass performance, enabling in-depth analysis of purchase patterns, trip utilization, and revenue insights, aiding in informed decision-making and strategy development.
  • Seamless Subscription Experience with Auto-Renewal Convenience
    Subscriptions within Ride Pass offer the convenience of auto-renewal, ensuring uninterrupted access to rides. This seamless experience enhances rider satisfaction and cultivates long-term loyalty.



Check out some answers to common questions about Ride Pass

Can operators customize Ride Passes, including duration and pricing options?

Yes, operators have the flexibility to customize Ride Passes, offering a range of durations from minute pass to annual passes. They can also set flexible pricing options for these passes, tailoring them to meet varying rider preferences and demands.

What advantages do subscriptions offer in terms of Ride Pass for both operators and riders?

Subscriptions for Ride Passes offer automated renewal options for riders, ensuring uninterrupted access to services without the hassle of manual renewals. For operators, this drives consistent revenue streams, reduces administrative tasks related to pass renewals, and enhances rider loyalty through seamless, ongoing service access.

Are there tools or features available to assist operators in promoting Ride Pass and subscription options?

Yes, operators have access to promotional tools within the platform to highlight Ride Pass and subscription offers to riders. This includes features for targeted marketing, personalized promotions, and push notifications to encourage usage.

What is a Minute Pass, and how does it differ from other Ride Pass options?

The Minute Pass is a specialized Ride Pass offering riders a specific number of minutes to use for rides. Unlike other passes with fixed durations, Minute Passes provide a set number of minutes that riders can utilize at their convenience for multiple rides until the minutes are exhausted.

Is there a limit to the number of Ride Passes or subscriptions that riders can purchase?

There’s typically no set limit to the number of Ride Passes or subscriptions riders can purchase. Operators can allow riders to purchase multiple passes or subscriptions, enabling them to select the most suitable option based on their travel needs.

Can operators modify or update a ride pass or its details after they’ve been created?

Unfortunately, in the current version, the feature doesn’t support editing or modifying ride passes after creation. Only deactivation or deletion of a ride pass is possible at this time. Operators must delete the active pass and create a new one with the updated details if changes are needed.

What reporting insights can operators expect from the Ride Pass dashboard?

The Ride Pass dashboard provides operators with comprehensive reporting insights, including data on pass purchases, usage, and revenue generated. These insights aid in understanding pass performance, allowing for informed decision-making and strategy development.


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