Increase ridership and generate additional revenue by putting your fleet to work full-time by renting vehicles for days, weeks or months—not just hours.

Long-term mobility leases just got easier with Joyride Rentals

Joyride Rentals enables an expanded range of shared mobility companies to rent out scooters, bikes, mopeds and any other connected electric vehicle for days, weeks, and even months. Whether you’re managing full-time fleets, offering branded scooter and bike rentals at hotels or partnering with gig workers.

App Details


  • Asset Listing: Showcase your fleet inventory. Display vehicle images alongside their names, prices and included amenities providing a detailed overview to your renters.
  • Fleet Management: Get full control of your rental business and create fleets, customize billing plans, manage requests and end rentals with ease.
  • Insightful Analytics: Gain insights instantly with a clear view of rented vehicles, including user details, rental times, and status. Easily filter and search for specific information. Conveniently download data in CSV format for comprehensive analysis and reporting.
  • Superior App Experience: Intuitive mobile navigation for fast booking and streamlined payment collection, ensuring a consistently reliable user renting experience.


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Check out some answers to common questions about Joyride Rentals


What is Joyride Rentals?

Joyride Rentals is an app plugin to our Joyride platform, carefully tailored for the last-mile delivery industry. This powerful tool enables shared mobility companies to rent out scooters, bikes, mopeds and any other connected electric vehicle not just for hours, but for days, weeks, and even months—all on a single operating platform.

Who is Joyride Rentals for?

Joyride Rentals is ideal for both shared mobility operators aiming for expanded business, maximizing revenue through longer fleet rentals, as well as entrepreneurs and businesses venturing in the on-demand delivery business.
Tailored for workers in quick commerce, food, grocery, and parcel delivery industries, our solution is designed to meet your specific needs.

How does the operator rental experience work?

The rental experience is designed specifically for the rented vehicles, and does not interfere with any other kind of public or private fleet. The dashboard gives operators the ability to rent and manage vehicles, as well as to offer a subscription option. Operators can approve or decline requests from the dashboard. Riders can start/end the ride multiple times without scanning a QR code and cannot see other geofences, promos, and vehicles during the rental period.

How long can users rent vehicles?

Users can rent out any connected electric vehicles for days, weeks, and even months. One thing to note, for daily rentals, there’s a 24-hour minimum booking required for pickup. The week and month-long rentals options operate on a subscription-based model, offering flexibility to better suit the users’ longer-term needs.

What kind of assets can I list?

You can list a wide range of micromobility assets, including electric scooters, bikes, mopeds and any other connected neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) or low-speed vehicle (LSV) light electric vehicle (LEV). 

Do I need a minimum amount of assets to rent?

No, there is no minimum requirement. You can start with any number of vehicles. In fact, you can earn as little as $60,000 per month owning a full fleet of 250 vehicles. If you need vehicles for your fleet, you can explore options at Joyride Garage and discover financing solutions tailored for your business needs.


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