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Promote services and campaigns, drive brand affinity and increase ridership with Push Notifications.

Engage Riders in Real-Time with Push Notifications

Reach your riders the right way. You can now create, draft and schedule custom messages and target them to all or specific segments of riders directly from your Joyride dashboard.

Keep riders informed and engaged with personalized offers, promotions and updates. It’s a fantastic way to improve your overall app experience and build loyalty. The best part? There is no limit to the number of notifications you can send. The micromobility experience should be a two-way street, so make sure you talk to your customers frequently and effectively.

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  • Personalize your message
    From welcome notifications and promos to weekend offers and weather updates, craft, edit and personalize your messages multiple times before deploying. If an idea fits your business goals, start pushing it!
  • Drill down to precise audience segments
    Encourage riders to take action. Target users based on purchase history, ride behaviour, ride frequency, feedback, and more. Leverage these segments for individual campaigns to convert and re-engage users.
  • Analyze your rider data
    When it comes to push notifications, timing and frequency are everything. Gauge engagement metrics like sent, delivered, and opened notifications. Discover the optimal approach to connect, ensuring maximum benefits.


Check out some answers to common questions about Push Notifications

What are the key benefits of utilizing push notifications?

Push notifications help in promoting services, driving conversions, increasing ridership, and ultimately improving the overall app experience while fostering user loyalty for the brand.

Can operators edit or schedule push notifications before sending them out?

Yes, operators can both draft and schedule custom messages, ensuring strategic timing and content. Additionally, they have the capability to edit draft push notifications, providing flexibility and last-minute adjustments.

Is there a limitation on deleting push notification messages just before release?

Yes, there’s a restriction on deleting push notification messages one minute prior to their release or launch. This limitation is in place to maintain the integrity of the messaging system.

Can operators target specific groups of users with push notifications?

Yes, operators can target specific user segments, including those who made purchases, had certain ride experiences, or exhibited specific behaviors within the last 30 days. With the latest feature update, in addition to these, new segments include Users who purchased a Promo, Users who purchased a Ride Pass, Users with Force Ended rides, Users completing more than 3 rides, Users who signed up recently, and Users who provided negative feedback in the last 30 days.

Do users need to opt in to receive push notifications?

Yes, users must opt in to receive push notifications. This ensures compliance with user preferences and maintains a positive user experience.

How can operators optimize the effectiveness of push notifications?

Operators are often provided the capability to download CSV files containing analytics data for further analysis or reporting purposes. These analytics often provide detailed insights into the performance of sent notifications. Using this, operators can optimize push notifications by tailoring messages to specific user segments, ensuring relevance and personalization. Additionally, considering user preferences, maintaining a balanced frequency of messages, and crafting compelling content can enhance their impact.


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