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Tap into long-term vehicle leasing with Joyride Rentals

Today marks an exciting milestone as we unveil Joyride Rentals — a sleeker, faster and enhanced version of our previous long-term vehicle leasing feature, Joyride Keep. This revamped solution brings an improved user interface, intuitive booking system and robust analytics designed exclusively for fleet managers in the delivery and extended rental sectors. 

Joyride Rentals enables a range of shared mobility companies to rent out scooters, bikes, mopeds and any other connected electric vehicles for days, weeks and months at a time. Operators can accept or reject requests directly from Joyride’s backend management dashboard, and riders can start and end a ride multiple times without the need of scanning a QR code in their user app. 

Whether you’re managing public fleets, offering branded scooter and bike rentals at hotels or partnering with gig workers for deliveries, Joyride Rentals is now available and it’s packed with cool new features. Let’s take a look: 

What's in the Toolbox?

  • Full Rental Control: Create a dedicated private rental fleet, manage short or long-term rental requests, set flexible billing plans, pick-up/drop-off locations and keep an eye on your rented vehicles — all from Joyride’s backend fleet-management dashboard.

  • Asset Listing: Showcase your fleet inventory. Display vehicle images alongside their names, prices and included amenities providing a detailed overview to your renters.

  • Insightful Analytics: Track important metrics, understand customer behavior, monitor revenue trends in real-time, and optimize your rental strategy for maximum efficiency and revenue.

  • Superior App Experience: Intuitive mobile navigation for fast booking and streamlined payment collection, ensuring a consistently reliable user renting experience.

Why Joyride Rentals?

Joyride Rentals allows you to reach a wider and more diverse audience than the classic public sharing model: 

Revved up Ridership 

You can cater to commuters who need a dependable way to travel to and from work, as well as freelance delivery riders who rely on scooter or e-bike access. These riders are part of a booming industry that’s expected to grow from $121.4 billion in 2022 to $250 billion by 2028, according to This industry includes not only food delivery, but also other types of on-demand services. In fact, in one of our recent industry webinars, ‘Connecting the Dots in Delivery as a Service,’ we reveal more key insights into this expanding industry. 

Business Resilience 

Long-term rentals give you more flexibility and security in your business model. As cities become more selective in granting permits to operators, tenders are becoming harder to win and renew. By offering short and long-term rental services, you can diversify your revenue streams and reduce your dependence on permits. You can also leverage your existing fleet and infrastructure, as well as your brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Seasonal Stability

Renting out your private or public vehicles for longer periods helps you overcome seasonal challenges and maintain a steady income throughout the year. For example, in the Northern Hemisphere, the cold and harsh weather may discourage some users from using shared vehicles. However, people still need to move around and work. 

By offering a long-term rental solution you can cater to both customers who need quick and easy access to your vehicles, at their own convenience, day and night, as well as the needs of delivery riders who rely on their e-bikes and e-scooters to earn money in the winter months.

What do scooter share companies do in the winter?

If you’re a public fleet operator and you want to know more about how to keep your business running during the winter (or if you should shut-down till spring), check out our free ‘Winter Operations’ course on Joyride Academy.

What’s next?

As you can see, short and long-term rental empowers fleet owners to both meet demand in a booming market while tapping into an extra revenue stream, ultimately creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. And here’s the best part: Joyride Rentals is now available worldwide for both existing and new operators, whether it’s for B2B setups or consumer-focused business models.

To learn more about the potential of Joyride Rentals and how you can integrate it into your platform right now, submit a request form on Joyride’s App Plug-In page or contact our team here.

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