Beginner Mode

Safely train new riders to start slow, gain confidence and gradually work their way up to full speed.
Joyride Beginner Mode App Premium Feature

Show first-time riders that scooting is easy, fun and safe.

Beginner Mode is a smart and simple solution that lets you customize the acceleration of your scooters for new riders. You can choose between low speed and medium speed modes, depending on your preference and market demand. This way, you can help first-time riders—or those seeking to refresh their skills, to start slow and ride at a comfortable and manageable pace, without them worrying about going too fast or losing control.


App Details


  • Adjustable e-scooter speed range via dashboard settings
    Effortlessly manage e-scooter speed ranges directly from your fleet management dashboard. Customize and limit both minimum and maximum scooter speeds to create a secure and controlled riding experience.
  • Tailored learning experience
    Empower riders with the ability to personalize their riding experience. Toggle Beginner Mode effortlessly, allowing riders to adapt their speed settings to match their comfort and skill levels seamlessly.
  • Seamless integration within Joyride’s Platform
    Available in Joyride’s App Plugins Marketplace, integrated alongside other safety features for a comprehensive safety approach.


Check out some answers to common questions about Beginner Mode

What exactly is Beginner Mode and how does it benefit scooter operators and riders?

Beginner Mode, a new premium feature by Joyride, allows operators to adjust e-scooter speed settings to accommodate various rider skill levels. It’s designed to create a safer and more comfortable learning environment for novice riders or those seeking a less intense riding experience.

How does Beginner Mode contribute to rider safety and reduce accidents?

By offering adjustable speed ranges, Beginner Mode enables a more relaxed learning pace for riders. This approach helps reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by unfamiliarity with sensitive throttles and rapid acceleration, ensuring a safer and enjoyable ride experience.

What advantages does Beginner Mode offer for scooter operators beyond rider safety?

Apart from enhancing rider safety, showcasing Beginner Mode demonstrates an operator’s commitment to safety features. This not only potentially reduces insurance premiums but also provides a competitive edge in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) by emphasizing a dedication to safety measures.

How can scooter operators integrate Beginner Mode into their fleet?

Beginner Mode is conveniently available in the Joyride App Plugins Marketplace across all markets. Both current and new Joyride operators can easily access it as part of a suite of safety features, including Pre-Ride Safety Screen, Pre-Ride Safety Quiz, and Safe Ride: Joyride’s E-scooter Reaction Test, to ensure a smooth and secure learning experience for riders.

Is Beginner Mode customizable for different rider preferences and market demands?

Yes, absolutely. Beginner Mode allows operators to easily adjust the scooter speed range through the dashboard. This customization enables tailoring the riding experience to suit the preferences of riders and the specific demands of different markets.


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