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Joyride Garage reimagined: The global B2B marketplace for new mobility vehicles

Shared mobility is on a transformative journey, and so are we. Meet the all-new Joyride Garage — a ‘faster, better, stronger’ version of our global shared mobility e-commerce platform. With this upgrade, Joyride Garage has evolved beyond being a micromobility vehicle shop to become a global B2B marketplace that offers a wide range of products and services for all things new mobility.

What makes this new Joyride Garage so unique to the industry? It is the benefits that it offers for both buyers and sellers of fleet products. Let’s break them down for you:

What are the benefits for buyers?

Joyride Garage is 100% specialized in the new mobility industry, so you can be assured that you are getting quality hardware that meets your specific needs. You will find everything required for your rental, sharing, subscription, delivery, hotel, corporate, or campus fleet including e-scooters, low-speed vehicles (LSVs) for shared use, e-bikes, spare parts, IoT devices, batteries and more.

Plus, buyers benefit from these added advantages:

  • Fleet financing: Access fleet financing options through Joyride Financing and get the funds needed to support fleet expansion – all within three days of approval.
  • Easy-quote requests: Quickly request quotes for fleet products directly from the sellers and place orders.
  • Chat with sellers: Communicate with sellers directly using the integrated chat function to ask questions, negotiate quotes, and request sample units.
  • Secure payments: Safeguard transactions with Joyride Garage’s trusted escrow service.
  • Product comparison: Browse our growing catalogue of new mobility products, and compare prices, specifications, and reviews.

Purchase top-tier vehicles built for commercial use; e-scooters, e-bikes, e-mopeds, and more, all verified by industry-leading hardware experts.

What are the benefits for sellers?

Joyride Garage is not just a marketplace for buyers. It’s also an ideal platform for sellers who want to reach a global audience of new mobility businesses. Whether you’re a manufacturer, OEM, wholesaler, dealer, refurbisher or fleet owner, sellers of fleet products can tap into these benefits:

  • Free product listings: List your products for free on Joyride Garage and reach a large and targeted market of shared mobility businesses.
  • Brand and reputation building: Create a storefront and showcase your brand and products.
  • Sell used or refurbished vehicles: Downsizing or upgrading your inventory? Register as a vendor to sell used or refurbished vehicles to other operators
  • Chat with buyers: Nurture your leads directly using the integrated chat function and answer their questions, negotiate prices, and build trust.
  • Quote requests: Receive quote requests from buyers who are interested in your products and send them customized offers.
  • Secure transactions: Secure payment processing so you get paid immediately.

Buy and sell mobility fleet products on Joyride Garage

Are you ready to explore the world of micromobility with us? Visit our seller information page to learn how you can join our Garage community and sell your micromobility and minimobility fleet products. 

Or learn the benefits of buying on Joyride Garage, and browse our product catalogue to find the best deals on e-bikes, scooters, smart locks and more. We are continuously working hard to make micromobility easy for you, and the Garage is taking things one step further. 

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