Joyride Delivery

Are you looking to drive change within the delivery space?

Joyride Delivery allows you to quickly grow and manage a delivery fleet of purpose-built electric scooters, bikes and mopeds that are leased to gig workers entirely under your brand and on one operating system.

Lightweight electric vehicles are the most efficient, environmentally conscious and lucrative alternatives to gas-guzzling van deliveries. 

And we make it as easy as pie to operate a micromobility fleet with all the software, hardware and support you need to run your business. Start today!

is this you?

You can earn as much as $60,000 per month owning a fleet of delivery e-mopeds or cargo e-bikes*.

Existing fleet leaders

Let your fleet work full-time. Rent your existing assets, keep track of them and scale how you want.*

Aspiring entrepeneurs

Accelerate your future. Start building a purpose-built delivery fleet business with Joyride.

*With a full fleet of 250 vehicles.


Obstacles in today's LEV delivery, resolved

product features

Operating a delivery fleet with Joyride

Get in the fast-growing delivery business by deploying our software to safely rent your asset, track it and scale your business today.

Real-time asset management

Watch your fleet move with up-to-the-minute monitoring, inventory management, secure payments and sophisticated fleet analytics.

Purpose-built delivery vehicles

Our platform is already integrated with the leading eco-friendly two-wheeled vehicles and IoT solutions so you can become the go-to fleet partner of the industry. Add single or multiple vehicle options and plugins to your inn-app catalog.

Branded driver app

Offer a fast and convenient user experience tailored to the needs of gig workers. With a streamlined vehicle reservation process and instant ID verification, they’ll be on the road in no time.

Flexible features and pricing

Reach a wide user base with various pricing models – set on your terms. Offer long-term rentals with block pricing or generate recurring revenue with monthly subscriptions.

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