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Meet Element, the newest vehicle partner to sync with Joyride software

Joyride’s software platform gets smarter with every scooter or bike ride taken. So we consider our latest vehicle integration a brilliant boost for everyone. 

Element is the newest addition to our growing list of hardware partners. Element’s smart mobility vehicles, including several versions of stand-up electric scooters, e-bikes, mopeds and pedal bikes, are ready for large-scale production and fast turnaround worldwide. The US-based manufacturer also has inventory available for immediate distribution across North America and Europe. 

Micromobility use has seen a tremendous spike over the past two years, and shared mobility operators have experienced delays when growing their fleet sizes and launching in new markets–largely due to product selection and availability stemming from worldwide supply chain challenges.

Joyride customers can now seamlessly sync their software with a range of Element products, such as CORE and CORE+ bikes, as well as GRAVITY and MOVE scooters. For full specs and pricing, visit Joyride’s 2022 Micromobility Hardware Guide

“We’re excited to partner with Joyride as they continue to evolve their software platform and offer their operators easy and innovative ways to scale their businesses,’” says Phil Hallstedt, Director of Partnerships at Element. “We know that providing new technology and more importantly the ability to deploy quickly is a key advantage for Joyride to be able to offer their operators.”

“Our ability to facilitate the conversation between our operators and Element will yield quicker, stronger ROI for them,” adds Joyride’s Head of Partnerships, Andrew Miles. “This integration embodies our commitment to assisting our operators to effortlessly grow their micromobility businesses.”

As a vehicle-agnostic platform, Joyride is compatible with all forms of micromobility hardware through IoT connectivity. Taking this one step further, Joyride’s Vehicle Partnership Team launched late last year as a platform extension dedicated to offering exclusive hardware offerings, pricing and manufacturing timelines. 

To find out more about all of our hardware integrations and to request a demo of how Joyride’s platform integrates with the world’s leading micromobility vehicles, contact us here.



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