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Joyride syncs with Keego Mobility’s new delivery e-bike

The last-mile delivery industry needs low-maintenance vehicles with highly advanced anti-theft features. Meet Keego Mobility, the newest vehicle partner to sync with Joyride’s global micromobility platform. 

The delivery market for groceries, take-out food and e-commerce purchases has grown exponentially over the past year. In fact, the global last mile delivery market was valued at $131.5 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach $288.9 billion by 2031. 

This convenience comes with an environmental cost, especially since a very large part of deliveries are still done using mopeds and motorcycles running on fossil fuels.

Taiwan-based eco-mobility startup Keego is releasing its second purpose-built delivery e-bike at Eurobike, the annual bicycle trade convention taking place from July 13 to 17 in Frankfurt, Germany. The new KG3 is a bespoke delivery vehicle that comes with an IoT-connected security system and is compatible with industry leading smart locks and operator platforms. And, of course, the vehicle is Joyride-compatible, making it the newest addition to our hardware-agnostic software platform. 

By constantly sending information about the status of the vehicle’s battery, motor and location to the cloud, any given rider or fleet manager can better care for their e-bikes for a lower total cost of ownership. The KG3 delivery e-bike comes standard with two large 14Ah batteries and a cargo capacity of 143 lbs.

According to Keego Mobility CEO Philip Corri, “There are currently 30 million drivers out on our streets who need a clean, fast and reliable delivery e-bike. With the KG3, Keego is partnering with Joyride to bring to the market the next generation of IoT.”

“This means that with Keego’s e-bikes and Joyride’s software, anyone can quickly start a bike rental or sharing program,” adds Vince Cifani, Joyride Founder and CEO. “Our goal is to make micromobility adoption as smooth as possible for riders, fleet managers and delivery drivers, while also providing the most sophisticated, turnkey solutions on the market.”

“Many delivery drivers are renting their delivery vehicles and with the Joyride platform, our customers can quickly set up operations to service the hardworking souls who deliver food and groceries to us,” adds Elias Ek, CMO of Keego Mobility.

To mark the partnership, both Joyride and Keego will jointly attend Eurobike this week. The collaboration also comes as Joyride continues to offer vehicle financing and hardware purchasing services as part of our 360-degree micromobility solutions. To find out more, contact us today. 

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