With Joyride, you’re in the best hands.

Grow your business with software features and customer service you won’t find elsewhere. See why more and more micromobility businesses choose Joyride above the rest.


Your hardware is with us

Joyride has a dedicated Vehicle Partnership Team that assists with securing your vehicles with exclusive pricing and shorter wait times. Our platform syncs with the world’s most cutting-edge vehicle manufacturers, who are longstanding Joyride partners.

What you get with Joyride

For businesses that are always on, settling for a busy tone just won’t cut it.


Access To Affordable Insurance Policies


Native Operator App


Lead Time

Multi-ride Capability

Business Model Flexibility

Customer Hardware Financing

Access To Affordable Insurance Policies


Expert Consultation

Open API/Webhooks

Flexible Platform

Years of Experience in Micromobility

Exclusive features


Our riders can book up to four vehicles on one account and pay for all of the rides in one transaction. Our customers see huge success with this feature for families and businesses. We’re the one and only platform to let you go multiple like this.

Exclusive features


Our promos and campaign features are additional revenue machines. Build point-of-interest custom zones with customized offers through local businesses, and then reach your riders through banners and SMS/email campaigns. You have the creative liberty to advertise promotions and safety messages and save templates for automated use.

Exclusive features

Direct support,
no runarounds

We take support tickets seriously. Joyride lets you assign tasks directly to people on your team, increasing efficiency when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. Communicate with your riders and add expenses that can be charged to third-party maintenance people directly through your Operator App on the backend.


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