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Introducing fleet-lending solutions through Joyride Financing

First. Fastest. And now, Financing.

Since launching as the world’s first micromobility software platform in 2014, it’s been our mission to democratize the shared mobility space through access to instant software, powerful vehicles and must-have industry resources. So it only makes sense to have dollars and cents be part of that equation, too.

Today, we’ve opened the door to Joyride Financing. In order to provide a one-stop solution for our operators to secure software, hardware and build their businesses as effortlessly and quickly as possible, Joyride now offers complete vehicle-based financing with competitive interest rates that you won’t find elsewhere.

Joyride Financing provides capital for vehicle purchases, which allows our customers to spread the high capital expenditure (CAPEX) across a greater time horizon. This capital also fills the gaps where traditional lenders won’t lend to newer industry firms and/or firms with limited credit history. 

Joyride Financing follows the December launch of our dedicated Vehicle Hardware Team, which has already connected operators with hundreds of exclusive vehicles in the span of two months. Joyride’s hardware team works with leading OEM manufacturers to provide unrivalled expedited global forwarding and flexible MOQ intercontinental fulfilment. Our goal is to help micromobility operators finance their hardware purchases to enable further fleet growth. 

“Securing financing in the mobility space can come with challenges, especially for entrepreneurs in the early stages of growth. We now act as that bridge to capital instead of turning to traditional lending partners, private equity firms and banks,” says Vince Cifani, Joyride Founder and CEO. “It all comes back to our focus on enabling operators to grow their fleets entirely on Joyride’s platform–from launch to limitless possibilities.”

Joyride Financing is part of Joyride Alliance, a company division that provides industry-wide access to resources including affordable micromobility insurance, RFP writing, web and branding services and more. The lending process is open to all Joyride customers, who will experience flexible terms and financing plans tailored to specific locations, fleet sizes and growth trajectories. 

To receive more information on Joyride’s lending program and vehicle financing terms, get started now by filling out this form.

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