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Together with Zagster, Joyride is streamlining your fleet operations

On the ground and in the cloud. 

That’s the best way to sum up how Joyride’s brand-new integration with micromobility fleet-management provider Zagster will serve your growing scooter-share and bike-share business.  

As part of our ongoing mission to provide Joyride customers with unique access to best-in-class third-party tools and services, we’re announcing our collaboration with Zagster’s on-the-ground fleet-management service to make it easier than ever to physically manage and scale your fleet. 

Zagster is North America’s leading micromobility fleet management provider, with a decade-plus of experience managing more than 250 bike and scooter fleets in 36 states. 

Through Zagster’s integration with Joyride’s backend software platform, our customers will now have access to Zagster’s in-field offerings directly through the Joyride platform—from vehicle charging and storage, to professional repairs and rebalancing. By combining Joyride’s data with Zagster’s mature fleet management playbook and trained staff, your dedicated Zagster team will ensure that your vehicles are in the right place, at the right time and in the right condition. 

The Zagster-Joyride service is especially advantageous for companies that are looking to grow their operations quickly and with minimal headaches involved. Here’s how: 

Staffing: For every fleet that Zagster manages, Zagster hires and trains a team of dedicated W-2 employees local to the community to execute all fleet management activities in the market. 

Warehousing and vehicle charging: Zagster will secure and configure a local warehouse that will serve as operations HQ in your market(s). Zagster is responsible for negotiating and holding the lease, managing electrical buildouts, and configuring the space to deliver effective and efficient operations. Zagster can also work within existing facilities you may already have.

Compliance management: Though Joyride software, the Zagster team will monitor the location of all your vehicles in real-time and proactively rebalance scooters that have been parked in inappropriate locations. When any customers submit a request for service, Zagster will respond within hours, as required by local rules and regulations.

Rider support: Zagster’s third-party rider support service integrates with the Joyride platform and can handle all inbound support inquiries from your riders (email, phone, chat, etc.) and direct them to your in-market team, as needed. The Rider Support Service is available 24/7 in English and in Spanish, and can scale to support any volume necessary, for any US market.

Vehicle inspection and safety: Zagster inspects and tests all your vehicles prior to deployment and on an ongoing basis. Zagster also employs a professional bike and/or scooter mechanic (trained through the company’s own Mechanic Certification program) to handle all repairs. 

Marketing and community engagement: Zagster’s local marketing teams will support your in-field marketing and safety campaigns (tabling, distributing print materials, organizing and supporting events, etc.)

Third-party logistics (3PL): Zagster provides custom US-based warehousing, transportation and shipping services for the US micromobility market.

By outsourcing in-market, on-the-ground support and management, your company will inevitably have more time to focus attention on expanding to new markets. And Joyride software is ready to help you with that, too. 

Contact us today to find out more about our Zagster partnership and how it fits in with your long-term growth plans.

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