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We’re waiving fees for fleets that can provide COVID-19 relief


In response to the rapidly growing impact of COVID-19, micromobility vehicles like scooters and bicycles have become crucial for food and item deliveries, as well as safely transporting healthcare workers and necessary commuters. With micromobility outlets being classified as “essential” and cities like Bogota and New York introducing emergency bike lanes, more and more operators are responding to the pandemic by using their fleets to help in any way they can. 

We see how effective micromobility can be in a global crisis. Therefore, we are waiving all monthly subscription fees for anyone launching vehicles that support service workers and food delivery systems that are directly assisting with coronavirus pandemic relief. Fees will be waived for 60 days from the time of launch.

As a strong local voice in your community, we know you have an opportunity to help those around you, and we want to help make that easier. Our team is on hand to assist with hardware needs and all other logistics associated with getting started as quickly as possible. Click here to tell us more about how micromobility can help your city right now. 

Looking ahead…

In certain markets, now is not the time to launch a micromobility system. But the time will come again, and we’ve put plans in place to help those contemplating their next career step post-COVID.

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough at the moment. To make starting a scooter-share or bike-share business as risk-free as ever—even if that means your business won’t hit the ground until a few months from now—all new Joyride customers who plan to launch a business through 2021 will have their first month fee waived. (This applies to fleet sizes of more than six vehicles. Smaller fleets will benefit from our Launch plan.) We’ll get all your branding, software and logistics in place now, and we’ll help you facilitate the rest (hardware, permits, etc.) when the timing is right.

Joyride is continuing to explore additional ways to help mobility businesses, entrepreneurs and cities navigate through the COVID-19 crisis. You can learn more about how micromobility is being impacted by coronavirus here.

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