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Safe Ride: Joyride’s E-scooter Reaction Test

Riding an e-scooter must be equal parts safe and fun. What happens when having a little too much fun puts safety at risk?

Operating an electric vehicle after consuming alcohol is unsafe for everyone. It puts the rider in danger of injury and legal persecution, and it poses a threat to pedestrians and nearby drivers. Plus, any injury that results from drunk riding significantly hurts the case for adding more micromobility systems to cities worldwide. 

The need for implementing a DUI Reaction Test before renting a scooter is clear, but not all in-app tools are created equal–leaving room for false approvals and disgruntled users. 

Introducing Safe Ride. For Joyride operators who want riders to find a safe late night ride back home, Safe Ride is a science-backed gamified test that instantly gauges the rider’s reflexes and reaction time in the most reliable way without impacting user flow.

How Safe Ride works:

Safe Ride works instantly, but creating the market’s most reliable gamification tool took time and research. Joyride commissioned a research study together with software consultancy Netguru to ensure the user journey is safe without interruption. Taking into account that 38% of crashes occur at night (7pm to midnight), our R&D sprint report showed that the solution to stop bad driving is to reinforce the habits of a good rider

Safe Ride is a custom, simplified version of the Digital Symbol Substitution Test, where the task is introduced naturally during the vehicle renting flow as an evaluation tool used to access cognitive functioning. Watch it in action below: 

How Safe Ride puts operators in control:

For fleet owners, the power to implement the Safe Ride plug-in is in your hands, thanks to fully customizable admin features. 

For example, offer a Test Round to users to ensure they understand the flow of the game. Control when the feature is usable by your customers through an Hours of Operation Setting, which allows you to set exactly when Safe Ride is accessible (for example, only on weekends, or strictly at night). You can also set the Maximum Test Attempts by riders before they are locked out of renting your vehicle (one, two or three attempts are at the fleet owner’s discretion). 

Meanwhile, a Lockout Period Selector allows operators to set the number of minutes the user is prevented from retaking the test, should he or she fail the first time. 

Why is Safe Ride necessary?

Micromobility vehicle users, in general, tend to ride with a noticeable dose of carelessness. Keeping riders safe impacts the whole value chain–cities, riders, operation and software providers.

As a shared mobility operator, maintaining a safe and reliable operation puts you ahead of the competition. Operators are on the forefront of municipal legal changes and need to adapt quickly, with new solutions and features.

From a business operations standpoint, fewer accidents mean less maintenance, a reduction in support tickets and avoiding possible municipal penalties. 

How to add Safe Ride to your fleet:

Safe Ride is offered as an App Plug-In on the Joyride platform. It is an add-on feature that is seamlessly integrated with our Rider App environment. Existing or new Joyride customers can request Safe Ride directly from the Plug-In page, and the additional cost of the feature will be added to your monthly SaaS plan accordingly. See full details here

The idea of implementing in-app Reaction Tests has been circulating for two years, but first to market doesn’t necessarily mean the most reliable offering. When technology meets science, rides become safer. Contact us today to find out more about getting started. 

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