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Ensure your riders find a safe late night ride back home with Joyride’s e-scooter Reaction Test

What happens when having a little too much fun puts rider safety at risk?

A lot can happen if the proper safeguards aren’t in place. Safe Ride is a science-backed gamified test that instantly gauges a rider’s reflexes and reaction time in the most reliable way without impacting user flow.

As a shared mobility operator, maintaining a safe and reliable operation puts you ahead of the competition. From a business operations standpoint, fewer accidents mean less maintenance, a reduction in support tickets and avoiding possible municipal penalties.

According to a research study commissioned by Netguru, 38% of crashes occur at night. Therefore, the solution to safer rides lies in reinforcing the habits of responsible riders.

App Details


  • Test Round: Provide a Test Round to users, ensuring they grasp the game’s mechanics before they begin, resulting in a smoother and more engaging experience.
  • Hours of Operation Setting: Customize Safe Ride’s accessibility to suit your operational hours, ensuring rider safety when it matters most (for example, only on weekends, or strictly at night).
  • Maximum Test Attempts: Set the Maximum Test Attempts by riders before they are locked out of renting your vehicle (one, two or three attempts are at the fleet owner’s discretion).
  • Lockout Period Selector: Allows operators to set the number of minutes the user is prevented from retaking the test, should he or she fail the first time.


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