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Introducing a Message Alerts feature that lets mobility operators easily reach their riders

Since communication between mobility-share operators and their riders has never been more important, we’ve added a new Message Alerts feature to our white-label rider app that allows businesses to reach their users through tailored, geo-specific notifications. 

Joining our ever-growing list of sophisticated rider app features, Message Alerts enables bike-share and scooter-share operators to create their messages and upload images/icons using Joyride’s backend dashboard, and then send them as pop-up alerts directly to riders’ phones based on their geo-fenced locations. 

It’s simple: craft your message, hit click and communicate with your riders.

For example, before embarking on their journey, riders can be notified of potential road closures or if they will enter a car-free zone (expect this scenario to become more and more common as cities continue to introduce “Slow Streets” for bikes, scooters and pedestrians practicing physical distancing). Or, messages can be sent to remind users to clean their vehicles once their trip is complete. From a promotional standpoint, alerts could notify riders of special tie-in business offers that are available at the start of their journey. 

Paired with other Joyride app features like SMS/Email Marketing Campaigns and Offers (think membership passes and branded giveaways), Message Alerts is part of a powerful lineup of software tools designed to put mobility operators in charge of their communication outreach and marketing strategies. 

Looking to learn more about how this feature can boost your business offering and ridership experience? Contact us today for more details.

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