Introducing Joyride’s new SMS and email campaign feature

You’ve asked, and we’ve delivered—literally. Introducing Joyride’s new SMS and email campaign feature, which lets you swiftly send updates and promos directly to customers’ phones and email inboxes. 

Our email marketing feature puts you in control of your company’s messaging and customer engagement, and that’s a pretty powerful thing. Need some inspiration to get started? Here are quick ideas for how you can effectively use SMS and email campaigning entirely through the Joyride dashboard:

–> Target specific users and ask them for customized feedback

–> Get promotional by reaching out to customers who haven’t taken a ride in the last 30 days and offer them a free trip

–> Send a $5 credit promo to people who have given a one-star rating in the last week  

The possibilities are endless, as are the number of email messages you can send (but you may want to resist the urge to bombard customers’ inboxes 24/7). 

This new feature is currently being rolled out to Joyride operators and will be seamlessly added to their dashboards.  

Have a question about getting started with your new marketing campaign? Contact us today and stay tuned for additional updates on the Joyride platform. 

Learn more about what features are available through our all-new pricing plans for fleet sizes ranging from five to 500,000-plus vehicles.

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