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Introducing Joyride Keep for long-term electric scooter and bike rentals

Today, we’re announcing the launch of Joyride Keep, an all-new service that enables shared mobility companies to rent out electric scooters, bikes and e-bikes for extended periods of time. Think days, weeks and even months on end. 

Joyride Keep is entirely controlled by micromobility operators, who can set their own pricing structures, pick-up/drop-off locations and rental periods within Joyride’s white-label app. With personal ownership of micromobility vehicles significantly on the rise and lengths of scooter trips growing, this tool gives people the freedom to prolong their experiences without being limited by cumbersome financial or time constraints.  

To make it easy for our operators to offer this service to their customers, we’ve made the Keep rental process completely customizable and integrated within our rider app. Operators create a separate fleet for Keep and then charge users based on their prescribed daily rate (either through Joyride’s Wallet feature or through a direct credit card payment setup). Riders have the option to select their desired rental duration and then pick up their vehicle at a location provided by the rental company. Rental extensions are also completed within the user app, and renters have the ability to subscribe to a scooter that can be renewed monthly at a fraction of the cost they would incur to purchase one.

Why is now the time for Joyride Keep?

We feel strongly about ensuring technology evolves alongside changing mindsets. Since the onset of the current global pandemic, public interest in micromobility usage quickly transformed into widespread acknowledgment of scooters and bikes as safe alternatives to public transportation and ride-hailing services. An increase in designated bike lanes worldwide and fast-tracked government plans/incentives are putting an even larger emphasis on two-wheeled vehicles than ever before, and as social distancing becomes the norm and commuters look for viable solutions, Joyride Keep provides riders with both a short-term and long-term solution without a burdensome financial outlay. For the rider, being able to keep a vehicle for personal use means he or she doesn’t have to worry about it being sanitized after each trip (though studies are showing that the shared nature of a micromobility system isn’t deterring ridership right now). Reports are also showing that scooter and e-bike rides are shifting from downtown cores to more residential neighborhoods, signaling more community acceptance of micromobility as a practical means of transportation. And if endless rental periods are easily accessible, people will be even more inclined to keep micromobility momentum alive.

Joyride’s software platform powers micromobility operators in more than 100 global markets. With Keep, we’re allowing them to efficiently fulfill the evolving needs of their customers and communities while simultaneously benefiting from an additional source of revenue. The process is designed to be seamless for operators to integrate with their B2B or consumer-focused business models. 

Joyride Keep is now available to our customers worldwide, with additional features rolling out in the coming weeks. To learn more about this service and how it fits in with your own long-term strategy, contact us for a demo here

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