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How Joyride lightens the load of fleet management with Lanterne AI integration

Electric fleet operations management is a growing, complex and dynamic market. It requires precision and efficient operational practices including constant maintenance, rebalancing, battery swaps, incident reporting and more — all of which has to be done while keeping operational costs in check. 

So, what if cutting-edge AI technology could not only streamline these tasks but also help you save valuable time and improve efficiency as your operation grows?

Joyride has joined forces with operations productivity platform Lanterne to simplify the complex world of fleet management and empower operators with smarter, faster tools. Lanterne’s AI toolset is now integrated on the Joyride mobility platform, giving operators a unique way to collect and interpret data – and then execute fleet management activities all from one operating system. 

The new App Plug-in integration to the Joyride environment has the power to reshape the ins and outs of your fleet operations. Here’s how: 

Why should operators add Lanterne to their operations?

Fleet management isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. According to industry reports, the average cost of maintaining and rebalancing a public e-scooter fleet can range from $4 to $5 per scooter per night for outsourcing contractors. Plus, while the electricity cost to charge one e-scooter to full battery is between $0.10 and $0.40, companies are spending a significant amount of their gross revenue, roughly $13 per scooter in daily earnings, on handling, charging and rebalancing fleets. 

Therefore, getting a smart, faster way to handle this process is the real challenge. The better time is managed, the more effort can be put into more important tasks, like growing your shared mobility business.

How does Lanterne work? 

Lanterne accurately predicts demand for shared mobility operations, optimizing routes for fleet technicians through its task management tool. What does this look like?

  • Boost technician productivity with Lanterne’s easy-to-use operator app
    Achieve up to 25% higher task completion using Lanterne’s operator app. Help technicians to see all their operational tasks at a glance. Filter by type and priority to focus on what really matters. Lock, unlock and change vehicle state directly from the app.

  • Gain insights into operations productivity
    Easily detect operational underperformance. Monitor and benchmark your operational productivity and receive notifications directly to your inbox. Track how many tasks have been completed by time and type.

  • Automatically schedule battery charging, maintenance, rebalancing and other tasks for your service technicians
    Automate task scheduling and help technicians complete the most important tasks each shift, increasing fleet revenue by up to 20%. Tasks are prioritised to make sure critical fleet issues are addressed promptly, and rebalancing tasks are generated by an AI-based demand prediction model.

How Lanterne and Joyride complement each other

The seamless integration via API between Lanterne and Joyride’s fleet management dashboard empowers fleet managers with a comprehensive suite of tools. While Lanterne focuses on strategic insights and data-driven decision-making, optimizing efficiency for larger operations, it’s important to note its specialization in analytics and strategic guidance rather than field-specific functionalities.

For fleet management involved in on-ground activities such as battery swaps and vehicle control, Joyride’s Operator App remains the go-to solution, catering to hands-on requirements and offering a more convenient and user-friendly experience for these specific tasks.

As a testament to how these powerful tools work, operators such as BAQME rely on Joyride’s Operator App for real-time on-ground tasks like rebalancing and quick battery swaps. This nifty tool can save up to 15 seconds per unlock with its multi-scan feature, making their operations smoother and more efficient.

Lanterne, on the other hand, enhances these functionalities by processing and learning from data gathered from larger fleets, continuously fine-tuning its AI capabilities to deliver better actionable insights and optimize fleet performance seamlessly as the fleet expands.

Take Lanterne’s collaboration with European shared mobility provider Ginger. By teaming up, Ginger has slashed operational costs, reduced errors and saved heaps of time by automating workflows to their large e-scooter fleet. Manual tasks that used to eat up time and resources are now automated, simplifying task distribution to the in-field staff . Richard Bland, Ginger’s COO, can’t help but laud Lanterne’s Operations Manager for its remarkable time-saving prowess and the strategic edge it’s brought to their fleet’s performance.

How does Lanterne fit in with Joyride’s fleet-management offerings?

Lanterne joins Joyride’s suite of fleet-management solutions that aims to make operators’ lives easier. Andrew Miles, Joyride’s VP of Strategic Projects, emphasizes this collaborative synergy: “Lanterne’s AI-powered platform aligns with our goal of efficient micromobility markets, empowering local managers to optimize operations and drive revenue growth.”

This partnership reflects Joyride’s dedication to providing seamless and smooth fleet management. It complements the suite’s other integrations, such as MDS and GBFS Data Feeds and Open API, all accessible on Joyride’s App Plugins page. These integrations demonstrate Joyride’s vision of offering operators a 360-degree approach to fleet management.

How can you add Lanterne to your fleet operation?

Lanterne is available as a Joyride App Plug-In to the platform, accessible to both current and new Joyride operators. Simply submit a request form to add it into your Joyride environment. The additional cost of the feature will be added to your monthly SaaS plan.

Find out more about how Lanterne and Joyride can help you improve your fleet operations by getting in touch today.

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