Automate task scheduling, boost productivity and track performance.

The productivity platform for shared and connected fleet operations

Lanterne is an operations productivity tool that helps shared mobility companies boost their vehicle utilisation by up to 20%, increase their operational efficiency (up to 25% more tasks completed per shift) and deliver high quality operations performance monitoring.

Leveraging its cutting-edge AI, Lanterne’s Copilot guides ground technicians in prioritizing high-value tasks aligned precisely with the fleet’s requirements, and with its sophisticated desktop platform empowers managers by providing real-time insights, enabling prompt identification and resolution of operational bottlenecks.


What our customers say:

Lanterne’s Operations Manager saves time and boosts our fleet performance. It’s an essential part of our operational systems.

Richard Bland- Chief Operating Officer at Ginger.

App Details


  • Boost technician productivity with our easy-to-use operator app
    Achieve up to 25% higher task completion using Lanterne’s operator app. Help technicians to see all their operational tasks at a glance. Filter by type and priority to focus on what really matters. Lock, unlock and change vehicle state directly from the app.
  • Gain insights into operations productivity
    Easily detect operational underperformance. Monitor and benchmark your operational productivity and receive notifications directly to your inbox. Track how many tasks have been completed by time and type.
  • Automatically schedule battery charging, maintenance, rebalancing, and other tasks for your service technicians
    Automate task scheduling and help technicians complete the most important tasks each shift, increasing fleet revenue by up to 20%. Tasks are prioritised to make sure critical fleet issues are addressed promptly, and rebalancing tasks are generated by an AI-based demand prediction model.
  • Seamless platform integration
    Seamlessly plug into the Joyride platform, enabling the service team to control vehicles and monitor performance without switching apps.


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