Get the benefits of sharing

Joyride alliance brings together all micromobility operators to access exclusive perks, including access to insurance, vehicle financing and educational training.


Who Joyride Alliance members are

Joyride customers are automatic Alliance members at no additional charge, but any micromobility operator can join (no matter your software provider) through a registration fee.


How Joyride Alliance members get going

We’re all about eliminating barriers together, and with costly insurance hurdles out of the way, the path to growth is a lot faster for all of us. Signing up is as easy as filling out the form below. 


First. Fastest. Financing.

Joyride offers complete vehicle-based financing with competitive interest rates that you won’t find elsewhere.

Securing financing in the mobility space can come with challenges, especially for entrepreneurs in the early stages of growth. Joyride is your bridge to capital instead of turning to traditional lending partners, private equity firms and banks. It all comes back to our focus on enabling operators to grow their fleets entirely on Joyride’s platform–from launch to limitless possibilities.


One of Micromobility’s biggest roadblocks, resolved with Joyride

We serve as a gateway to large, global insurance companies that offer varying policies based on coverage required. While benefiting from preferred group rates, our operators receive tailored policies based on location, fleet size and rental structure. How important is micromobility insurance?


Knowledge is power. Joyride Academy is an in-depth learning environment with courses to help you launch and scale seamlessly, with the industry’s top experts by your side.

Planning to start a scooter or bike share business but don’t know where to start?  Discover the secrets to a rock-solid business plan and how to secure the funding you need to launch, manage, and scale a scooter-share.

City regulations have played a key role in shaping e-scooter and bike share deployments. Learn what it takes to navigate the rules and regulations of public micromobility.

As the market matures micromobility service providers must rise to meet growing customer expectations. This course will teach you how to balance what customers want and what your team can realistically execute.


Joyride’s mission is to provide all the tools to launch and grow a profitable micromobility business. We want to back you with the power of the collective industry, and Joyride Alliance gives operators of all sizes the ability to access exclusive perks and group buying opportunities that can’t be realized on their own.


Insurance is usually the first major obstacle to address. It’s costly and can stifle operators’ abilities to tender for city licenses or expand their fleets. So we created an avenue for accessible insurance for small- to medium-sized operators that’s free of administrative and financial burdens. By syncing with world-renowned insurance companies used by billion-dollar mobility companies, we’re able to provide reachable solutions through Joyride Alliance. 

Joyride Alliance isn’t providing insurance directly. It is a gateway to large, global insurance companies that offer varying policies based on coverage required. While benefiting from preferred group rates, operators will receive tailored policies based on location, fleet size and rental structure. Most operators will require a Platform General Liability policy plan. While policies vary, Alliance members will in most cases pay their premiums on a monthly basis rather than entirely upfront.

Joyride Alliance makes you privy to perks that include: Access to best-in-class insurance at group rates, reduced RFP proposal writing service fees, a one-year subscription to the Micromobility Pro Webinar series through Micromobility Industries (a $100 value), hardware fulfillment, seamless data reporting to insurers through our dashboard, a monthly industry newsletter and more.

Our team will reach out and provide more information about Joyride Alliance’s perks. In the case of insurance, you will hear back from a business consultant who will discuss your insurance needs and guide you through the process. You will be officially welcomed as a Joyride Alliance member and will receive details about payment (for non-Joyride customers) and other membership benefits.

There are no restrictions to join Joyride Alliance; however, the group insurance policies are available in most jurisdictions and for operators with a fleet size of 50 vehicles or more. While not all insurance types may be available in each territory, Joyride Alliance will continue to expand its coverage to meet our members’ needs.


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