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New Joyride software features will bring you more friends and financial safeguards

Spring is here, and so are new Joyride software features. With the bike-sharing and scooter-sharing busy season upon us, we’ve made key updates to our user app and backend dashboard in order to help you better serve your customers, and today we’re putting the spotlight on two of them:

Introducing Refer and Earn

Receiving a recommendation from a trusted friend can carry more weight than any stellar app review, which is why Joyride’s white-label app offering has been updated with Refer and Earn. This feature enables current users to invite their friends to sign up for your app, and each referring customer and referred customer will get a reward that you can customize from your backend dashboard. 

We’ve added a new field in the Menu section of the app under the Refer and Earn label, where users will be able to easily share their referral code. Each referred person will get a wallet credit after signing up, and the user will get a wallet credit when each referral hops on for a first ride. There’s no limit to the number of people the users can refer or the amount of wallet credits earned by the referrer. 

How will referral marketing boost your business?

Referral programs have proven to be a great growth marketing tactic and the majority of potential customers put more trust in peer recommendations than traditional advertising. In fact, according to Nielsen research , 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know, and they’re four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. Our goal is to reduce your customer acquisition cost, and this program can help achieve exactly that. We also want to give you the tools to communicate with your customers through branded promotions and giveaways, and again, Refer and Earn is here to accomplish that. We will also be adding data analytics on the dashboard so our customers can see the effectiveness of this feature in real time.

Enjoy smoother sailing with Pre-authorization

Thanks to Pre-auth, our operators no longer have to worry about scooter-sharing and bike-sharing customer accounts going into negative balances. This app feature ensures that vehicle renters have added a valid credit card with sufficient funds in order to pay for their rides.  

When a user unlocks a vehicle, a certain amount will be placed on hold on his or her card for the duration of the ride. This amount will be customizable from your dashboard and can vary between fleets, allowing various markets to be configured differently. Once the ride is finished, the trip cost will be deducted from this hold and the remaining balance will be returned back to the user. 

How will Pre-auth boost your business?

In some cases, operators have experienced situations where app users garnered negative balances on the dashboard due to insufficient funds in their accounts. Pre-auth will solve this problem by ensuring the user has enough funds prior to starting a ride, thereby reducing any risk of revenue losses. Of course, the goal is to fuel growth and not be hindered by financial hiccups, so eliminating roadblocks from the onset is a step in the right direction. 

Want to learn more about our latest feature updates and how they function as part of the Joyride Platform? Interested in scaling your operations with a plan that’s just the right fit? Contact us for a demo today! 

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