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A pact with Populus to make sharing mobility data seamless

As a global micromobility software provider, we have empowered operators of all sizes to thrive in partnership with municipalities and local communities.

With new scooter launches popping up practically every day in what seems like every city on the planet (here’s looking at you, Sofia, Bulgaria, where our partnering company Hobo recently launched), it’s never been more crucial for cities to understand how scooter and bike-share systems are transforming their turfs. Equally, it’s never been more important for independent operators to comply with their host city – and one of the best ways to do that is in the form of data sharing.

Through a new partnership with global mobility data platform Populus, we’re helping our operators automatically deliver anonymous data for scooter and bike-share rides to city transportation officials. Currently used in more than 50 cities, Populus’ reporting platform will be seamlessly integrated in all of our operators’ back-end systems, meaning there’s no extra legwork involved for fleet owners.

In turn, cities can log into one single dashboard to gain real-time insights on how many scooters, bikes or vehicles are in operation, as well as manage incidents, set more flexible caps for dockless bike/scooter programs and make data-driven mobility policy and planning decisions. If cities are requiring this data right now, then we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to deliver it.

Even the smallest of fleet operators can provide powerful data to their municipality, which is an advantageous offering in the ever-growing and increasingly crowded mobility marketplace. For the time being, this is the method cities are using to manage this new form of mobility in order to reshape infrastructure like bike lanes and parking. And our Populus collaboration is making it as simplified as possible for operators of all sizes to comply and securely deliver this information.

And speaking of fleet size…partnering with Populus falls directly in line with our goal to make mobility within reach to everyone. Announced earlier this month, we’ve revamped our platform to allow any-sized fleet to launch within 24 hours, starting at $99/month. We want everyone to capture a piece of the micromobility market, and our Populus integration means cities will be better equipped to do just that.

Learn more about our newly announced pricing plans for fleet sizes ranging from five to 500,000-plus vehicles.

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