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An upgrade that gives you the power to roam, built in a day

Introducing Joyride’s newest platform designed to take you from your first fleet to transforming the street—all within 24 hours for $99.

The micromobility world is driven by speed, and our brand-new platform has been completely revamped to capture exactly that. Starting today, we’re taking our “Shopify for mobility” approach to heart by providing independent electric scooter and bikeshare fleet operators with instant tools to compete with billion-dollar micromobility players, beginning with the ability to launch a fully functioning fleet within 24 hours. Meanwhile, established multi-city operators now have a whole new set of advanced features at their fingertips. We are truly leveling the playing field to make micromobility accessible in every city around the world.

Why now? Over the past year, we’ve received thousands of inquiries from global independent entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the marketplace but don’t know where to begin. And we’re watching many of our current operators move further into the B2B space with fleets designed for food delivery, private health clinics, campuses, corporate offices and residential buildings, just to name a few. Getting off the ground and establishing new business models should be seamless. We’ve listened to you (and the rapidly evolving micromobility space) and have developed a platform that lets anyone launch any-sized fleet at a moment’s notice, all starting at $99/month.

We believe this will enable even newer business models, including peer-to-peer rentals, Airbnb amenities and retail promotions. The possibilities are endless.

How, exactly? Our one-stop micromobility shop complete with hardware, vehicle labels and QR codes (and soon-to-be insurance and legal support) starts with a revitalized user app that offers more customization and control than ever before. What has typically taken weeks to develop and specifically tailor can now be up, running and branded completely for you within hours thanks to a proprietary software upgrade within our app development process. On your end, upgraded user app features include:

  • The ability to seamlessly manage your own app functionality through your dashboard
  • Multi-ride capability for families and groups
  • The option to choose billing systems between paying per ride or wallet
  • Push notifications
  • Mix-and-match hardware and vehicle types
  • Enhanced geo-fencing capabilities

Over the next few months, you’ll also see us integrate with new types of vehicles, including mopeds, lightweight electric vehicles and additional modalities, including docking stations and remote operations. What’s not changing, though, is our ongoing commitment to our partnering manufacturers, cities and enterprise customers looking to exponentially scale their offerings while meeting compliance requirements. For example, our upgraded app is fully integrated with MDS functionality that provides cities with real-time tracking of every ride, allowing operators to be compliant with all standard data-sharing requirements. And we all know how crucial it is to be on the good side of city policy-makers.

The world of mobility is evolving, and so is Joyride. Being swift, sophisticated and scalable is what we strive for in ourselves and our partners. And because we have the experience of launching operators in more than 50 cities across five continents, you can count on us to be with you while you start, manage and scale your business—from five to 500,000 vehicles. Learn more about our newest features and pricing plans today, because now you know what can be yours by tomorrow.

For more information on how to get started with Joyride for $99/month, contact our sales team today.

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