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What shipping shortages? Top e-scooters and e-bikes to buy right now

While buying electric scooters and e-bikes in large bulk shipments is the best way to scale your fleet, it’s not always feasible to place an order for 600 vehicles in one go. Across the globe, major micromobility suppliers, such as Segway Commercial, are shifting their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) strategies to only accept orders for 500 or more units. This new lower stock situation doesn’t have to lower your morale or momentum. There are a number of hidden gem alternatives that are prime for purchase right now without any delays.

Here, we’ve rounded up the most popular picks–new and refurbished–on Joyride Garage right now, all of which are ready to roll right now with Joyride software and a 24/7 fleet-management support system:

Today Vehicles

Previously known as Element, Today sells a range of scooters and e-bikes, with features such as swappable batteries, turn indicators, parking/zone notifications, Hello Llama AI and more. 

Joyride and Today Inc. have taken their partnership to new heights, strategically addressing the existing supply gap while enhancing our customer experience. The synergy between your software and hardware suppliers stands is key for swift issue resolution, significantly elevating the vehicle deployment rate for operators. And we know a small secret: ask Today whether they also have stock of other brands, Okai? See more here.

AGAO Solar Scooter

AGAO is a pioneer in the realm of solar energy innovation, now making its move into the micromobility sector with its groundbreaking AGAO S80 solar scooter.

Imagine any vehicle as smart solar panels on wheels, and you know which further innovations are to come from this new entrant for our industry. Solar micromobility is emerging as a more promising trend than solar cars. Unlike EVs, micromobility vehicles harness solar energy efficiently due to their energy consumption to PV-panel ratio. AGAO, in partnership with Joyride, pioneers solar scooters for rentals, offering comfort, stability and self-charging within seven to 14 hours. Embrace a cost-efficient, sustainable future by exploring AGAO’s solar micromobility solutions and stand out in your market. Learn more here.

Civilized Cycles

Civilized Cycles is here to prove that e-bikes can be much more than bicycles with motors. We float over bumps and bring friends in our cars, why not on our e-bikes?

The only eBike designed to comfortably seat two adults or an adult and two children, the Civilized Cycles Model 1 has an automatic full suspension, integrated panniers, USB charge ports, and an up to 60 mile range with an optional second battery. This vehicle is most optimal for private sharing models and long-term rentals. Find out more here.

King Micromobility

King Micromobility is a professional refurbisher of fleet vehicles as well as a logistics partner to fleet operators. Their process is to completely rebuild the scooter and add new parts, which will greatly extend the scooter’s lifecycle. Learn more here.

Rev those refurbished scooters

Why go second-hand when it comes to scooter purchases? For one thing, did you know that 80% of a shared e-scooter’s full life cycle emissions come from its production, and not its use or operations? If your company is under pressure to reduce its carbon footprint, consider slashing off 50% by using refurbished chassis. And the best part is you save money in the process. View a list of available refurbished scooters on Joyride Garage here.

Why to buy vehicles from China

As suppliers wind down their warehousing in North America, operators have to switch to deliveries from China. That brings many new challenges, such as three-month lead times, higher MOQs and additional logistical hurdles. Let our experts help you with that. Check out which vehicles you can order from China on Joyride Garage, from AGAO to Seyyara, here

As always, Joyride Garage is a thriving marketplace for the world’s leading micromobility and minimobility vehicles, selected and managed by industry experts who know more than a thing or two about fitting the right hardware with the right fleet. For bi-monthly updates on our inventory, sales and overall industry trends, sign up for the Joyride Garage newsletter here

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