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This is how much money e-scooter companies can make in a year

It’s well established that scooters are fun, but it’s time to talk about scooters in terms of funds. How much money can e-scooter companies make? 

Operating a scooter-sharing service is a lucrative venture. In fact, the scooter-sharing industry experiences an estimated 30% gross profit margin on scooter rides. We chart the specifics to see how much money you can earn with either a public or private e-scooter business model–and why turning to a third-party tech platform will significantly lower your operating costs at the same time.

how much e-scooter companies can make

Scooter-sharing companies come in all models and sizes. But the bottom line is that your bottom line is positioned to significantly benefit from a rental service. There are, of course, global and impactful environmental benefits as well. 

Beyond providing the backend management and white-label app needed to power any scooter-share, Joyride is your one-stop solution for hardware, insurance, city permit setup, industry resources and all other considerations that come with your fleet. Learn more about the market potential in your city or business area–and how we can help you build your fleet as efficiently as possible–by contacting us.

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