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Electric scooter-sharing market size, by the numbers

As micromobility market predictions continue to circulate and more pilot programs pop up across the globe practically daily, it’s helpful to have a solid understanding of what the electric scooter-sharing market size looks like now–and what the numbers hold for the future.

The latest electric scooter-sharing market size data

  • The US and European markets for shared e-scooter services are expected to reach at least US$12 billion by 2025, according to Statista. In China alone, the scooter-sharing market will top more than US$6 billion over the next five years. 
  • Overall, the global micromobility market is expected to reach US$31.93 billion by 2029 at a CAGR of 11.95%, according to BIS Research
  • North America is the largest market for kick scooter-sharing operations. By the end of 2018, approximately 85,000 electric kick scooters were available for sharing purposes in North America, based on P&S Intelligence research. However, Europe is the largest market overall for scooter sharing (including other electric vehicles, such as mopeds).
  • More than US$6 billion has been invested into the micromobility space (scooters, e-bikes and mopeds) since 2018. The majority of those dollars (US$4.8 billion) were raised in the first three quarters of 2018 across 48 deals, according to PitchBook research. 

That’s not all…

  • In the US, 84 million trips were taken on micromobility vehicles in 2018, 38.5 million of which were on a shared electric scooter (NACTO).
  • India became the largest moped fleet operator worldwide in 2019, as the country holds between 15,000 to 20,000 sharing vehicles, according to P&S Intelligence. 
  • In New Zealand, combined imports of e-bikes and electric scooters saw 130% YoY growth in November 2019, with nearly 9,000 units (via Oliver Bruce).
  • Madrid has one of the highest concentrations of scooter-share operators, with 18 companies currently holding licenses. In February 2019 alone, Madrid granted 8,600 shared e-scooter licenses.
  • Paris, France is home to approximately 20,000 e-scooters, otherwise known as “trottinettes.” 
  • In Los Angeles, there are roughly 36,000 scooters registered to eight companies. The city’s busiest area for scooter sharing is Venice Beach, with an average of 1,756 trips per square mile.
  • During Chicago’s four-month pilot program from June to October 2019, more than 405,000 rides were taken. The majority of trips occurred during evening rush hour on weekdays and on weekend afternoons. 
  • Africa’s electric scooter market size is expected to reach US$56.2 million by 2025, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.5%, according to Grand View Research.

Joyride’s electric scooter-sharing market data

  • More than 70% of Joyride micromobility operators are scooter-sharing companies.
  • Joyride saw significant growth across European markets in 2019, with presence up more than 300% across the continent last year. 

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