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Customer connections matter in mobility: Inside Joyride’s Rider App

When operating a shared mobility business, your app is your lifeline. Beyond enabling customers to scan and rent vehicles, your app should be the gateway to exceptional rides and safer operations.

Joyride’s customized Rider App sets itself apart by offering a unique and innovative rider experience with increased safety features and improved communication. And with so many offerings under one operating system, we’re letting our features tell their own stories through a new regular product video series. 

In this month’s edition, we dive into enhanced rider safety, streamlined communication and deeper customer connections. Joyride’s Pre-ride Safety Quiz, seamless WhatsApp integration and Social Media Icon integration functionalities give fleet managers the best of all worlds.

Here, have a look:

Ready for a recap? Here’s what we’re highlighting this month: 

Pre-Ride Safety Quiz: This provides riders with important information and ensures they are aware of all necessary safety measures before getting on board your vehicles. 

WhatsApp Integration: We have integrated with WhatsApp. Now, you can receive and respond to messages directly through the Joyride app, making support faster and more convenient.

Social Media Icons: To help you promote your brand and engage with your customers, we have added the ability to share your company’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handles. This will make it easier for your riders to connect with you on social media and stay up to date with all your latest news and promotions. Don’t forget to brush up on the best marketing practices for your fleet by taking our free Joyride Academy Micromobility Marketing Masterclass

Keep your eyes peeled for our next round of feature highlights, and in the meantime, we’re here to show you the full benefits of having a full-suite shared mobility app on the Joyride platform. Request a demo here.

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