Premium Parking

Simplify rebalancing and boost earnings with Premium Parking
Premium Parking

Improper e-scooter and bicycle parking causes inconveniences and safety concerns for pedestrians, operators and riders.

Premium Parking encourages riders to park their shared vehicles in designated areas. By imposing extra fees set by the operator for parking outside these zones, Premium Parking incentivizes riders to choose safe and efficient parking spots.
This premium feature not only helps maintain clutter-free streets and ensures vehicle availability for other riders, it also streamlines the crucial rebalancing process. Additionally, riders who opt to park outside designated areas are willing to pay the extra fee, providing you with additional funds to offset higher rebalancing costs.

App Details


  • Customizable Experience: Tailor the parking experience according to their specific needs and preferences and choose which fleets will require parking and how much will be the fee applied to use the Premium Parking feature.
  • Pre-Ride / On-Ride Visibility: Help riders make convenient and cost-effective parking choices and notify them about this feature and the cost of parking outside the designated parking areas.
  • Embracing Analytics: Monitor your revenue and stay on top of your parking fees. Get real-time insights into your parking fees collected (without tax) for each fleet and make data-driven decisions for your business.



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