Apple Pay

Enhance Your Payment Experience with Apple Pay

Complex payment flows cause rider disengagement. There’s a fast and convenient solution.

With a frictionless payment method like Apple Pay and Google Pay, you reduce the likelihood of negative balances due to payment-related complications, ultimately improving customer retention and enhancing the overall riding experience.

App Details


  • Automatic Inclusion: Riders who have configured Apple Pay on their devices can easily use it as a payment method, reducing friction even further.
  • Reduce Negative Balances: Ensure secure payments with a pre-authorization hold with Apple Pay, verifying funds before starting the ride.
  • Top-Up the In-App Wallet: Riders can easily add funds to their app wallets, simplifying the payment process, which not only saves time but also fosters rider loyalty.
  • Transaction Monitoring: Easily monitor transactions through the Stripe dashboard, ensuring transparent and efficient payment tracking.


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