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Inside Joyride’s speedier, smarter fleet management dashboard

As the fleet management market expands and new mobility models continue to emerge, proper vehicle visibility must be prioritized as the backbone of your business. A backend dashboard that delivers fleet data such as real-time location, utilization rates and revenue reports swiftly and intuitively is no longer a luxury—it’s an absolute necessity.

Continuing to stay one step ahead in the connected mobility industry, Joyride has undergone a complete redesign of our fleet management dashboard. The result is an unparalleled offering that isn’t just faster, it works smarter.

By closely listening to our customers' needs and staying ahead of industry trends, we've engineered a new dashboard that prioritizes performance and scalability. With a focus on speed, accuracy and future-proofing, we've created a robust solution that sets a new standard in fleet management, empowering you to stay agile and competitive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

A look at what's new

This refined version ensures that shared mobility operators can still enjoy a familiar experience in their daily workflows, yet it is significantly optimized for efficiency. 

Joyride fleet management features geofences

The first thing operators will notice is the significantly faster page-loading speed across the entire dashboard. This enhanced performance sets the stage for a more seamless and productive workflow.

The new dashboard UI also boasts a sleeker, cleaner design, making sections more visible and tasks more intuitive. The layout has been meticulously organized, with improved metric displays and visual enhancements to facilitate better data interpretation. These updates extend beyond the main Analytics section to pages like Trips, Users, Fleets, Vehicles, Payments, Support and Promotions—each renamed based on valuable customer feedback and industry best practices.

It’s also time to shine a spotlight on the revamped Maps section, stealing the show with upgraded functionality and visual appeal. Operators can enjoy better vehicle and battery usage filtering, a modern dark theme for enhanced visibility, removed outdated flag icons, reduced clutter for a cleaner interface, and updated vehicle icons—consistent with those in the Joyride Rider App—with battery level indicators for quick identification.

Joyride’s goal has consistently been to provide operators with robust tools to simplify fleet management operations, paving the way for future innovations that will further improve the fleet management experience.

Sneak peek into upcoming features

In addition to the redesign-specific improvements, we’ve integrated notable enhancements into the Payments section in this updated version. 

What does this entail? We’ve introduced an underpayments and settlements update, along with several adjustments to the rider’s wallet. These changes offer operators a faster and more intuitive way to accurately monitor and calculate monthly revenue, providing enhanced insights and transaction visualization. 

This marks the first step towards a new payment solution where payments will be as seamless as the ride itself so stay tuned as we unveil more exciting developments in the coming months.

Looking ahead to upcoming dashboard-specific premium features, operators can expect Advanced Analytics and Advanced Map Analytics with improved insights and optimized vehicle visualization to refine all essential rebalancing strategies and take them to the next level. Additionally, the integration of a new AI chatbot will streamline support and automate operator onboarding for quicker assistance.

That’s not all. These data-driven features are coupled with Predictive Rebalancing ensuring fleets are strategically positioned to meet user demands. Dynamic Pricing introduces flexible pricing strategies that adapt to real-time demand, while Automated Onboarding and 2FA Login simplify and secure the operator signup process.

These enhancements are all aimed at maximizing your fleet management experience and driving your business forward.

How can you get started?

Joyride’s all-new dashboard is more than just an update; it’s the next step into the new mobility space, opening a door to a future where fleet management is not only more automated, intuitive and secure – but also more aligned with the evolving market and the dynamic needs of operators and their customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how this enhanced solution can better your fleet management, head over to the product page or contact us for a personalized demo today.

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