ID verification by Veriff

The leading provider of identity verification. Its seamless process ensures all documents required to keep your business compliant are processed in a single place.

App Details


  • Fleet Configuration: Turn ON ID verification for specific fleets and configure the age limit on your joyride dashboard and ID type / country on Veriff dashboard.
  • Seamless Verification: Veriff informs which ID type verification process is required. identifies if a rider has already been verified on another account and rejects their application blocking them from taking a ride from the new account they created. This helps in mitigating negative balances. Over 95% of users are verified on the first try and the entire verification process is about 6 seconds making it almost seamless for users.
  • Dashboard Analytics: See list of riders who got verified/declined. Check in detail the ID documentation a rider has submitted in the ID verification process.


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