Flare Aware

Safeguard riders with advanced incident detection technology, ensuring their visibility on the real-time Flare Aware safety network.

Promoting Rider Safety with Real-Time Incident-Avoidance Network

Flare Aware empowers drivers to proactively navigate their journeys with heightened safety consciousness. By swiftly detecting potential hazards in real-time and delivering timely alerts, this safety system becomes your mobility vigilant co-pilot, fostering a secure environment for all road users. Flare Aware’s incident-avoidance network, connecting over 8 million riders globally, acts as an early warning system for vehicle drivers, particularly for vulnerable road users like e-bike or e-scooter riders, effectively addressing blind spot challenges.

Flare’s software has the potential to significantly minimise risk and reduce insurance costs as well as the risk of road traffic accidents, which currently rank as the eighth-leading cause of death worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Flare Aware is available to Joyride’s global community of mobility operators as an App Plugin, designed to enhance the rider and operator experience without the need for additional hardware requirements.


For Joyride operators, Flare Aware boosts rider safety falls and right in line with our mission to offer the safest, most reliable riding experience on the market. It also bodes well for future city permit applications. Large micro mobility operators are already using this technology, and it will soon become industry standard. Independent operators vying for permits will require this safety advantage in order to stay competitive.”

Vince Cifani, Joyride Founder and CEO.


App Details


  • Automatic Network Access
    Connect your fleet to Flare Aware’s real-time network to enhance road awareness and improve safety effectively.
  • Intelligent Alerting
    Drivers receive real-time alerts regardless of their connection status when they are in proximity to two-wheel road users, ensuring proactive safety measures.
  • Seamless Platform Integration
    Easily integrate Flare Aware into the Joyride platform, running seamlessly in the background of your customized user-facing rental Rider App.


Check out some answers to common questions about Flare Aware

How does Flare Aware work?

Flare Aware acts as a pre-warning system, alerting drivers to the presence of road users and enabling timely action to minimise the risk of incidents. By utilising the Flare Aware network, your operation enhances safety measures for their riders with real-time visibility and proactive incident mitigation.

What types of information can fleet operators analyze through Flare Aware’s network?

Fleet operators can analyze key metrics such as the frequency of near passes and potential elevated risk signals. This valuable data allows operators to gain insights into the risk landscape and make informed decisions to enhance overall safety within their fleet.

How frequently does Flare Aware update its network with real-time information?

Flare Aware updates its network in near real-time, ensuring that users receive the latest information about vulnerable road users and potential hazards on the road. Flare Aware’s advanced system constantly refreshes data to provide accurate and timely insights.

How does Flare Aware benefit fleet mobility operators?

Flare Aware enhances fleet safety by providing real-time hazard detection, awareness of vulnerable road users, and incident avoidance capabilities. Fleet operators can leverage these features to proactively mitigate risks, reduce accidents, and prioritize the safety of their riders and the community..

How does Flare Aware contribute to reducing insurance costs for fleet operators?

Flare Aware’s incident avoidance capabilities allow fleet operators to assess risks more accurately. By promoting safe driving practices, operators can enjoy reduced insurance costs, as insurance companies reward responsible behavior based on real-time risk assessment data provided by the system.


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