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Joyride App Plugins is a micromobility marketplace for your growing fleet

The Joyride app is the first touchpoint of renting a micromobility vehicle, and it relies on a lot of moving parts. This white-label Rider app is downloaded by users in order to rent an electric scooter, bike and moped, and it follows the renter’s journey from payment to ride completion—allowing service operators to reach riders along the way with powerful marketing campaigns and real-time analytics

Our platform gets smarter with every trip taken, and today it’s channeling even more brain power. Joyride App Plugins is a new micromobility marketplace that’s home to unique native and third-party app plugins to customize, operate and grow your micromobility business. 

From payment processing to multiple ride capabilities, App Plugins enable current and prospective micromobility operators to instantly connect the Joyride platform with business-boosting software applications. The goal is to give you all the additional tools needed to streamline your operations, so you can save time and focus on growing your fleet. 

How micromobility services benefit from App Plugins:

Tailored solutions. For creative micromobility entrepreneurs, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each business model requires unique enhancements from the start or as the operation scales.

Regulatory compliance. Many niche systems and solutions are specifically mandated by certain governments. Joyride has already done the legwork of readying those for easy toggle on/off to stay ahead of the curve.


You’ve learned to walk, now it’s time to run. You’ve cut your teeth learning the ropes of your business through grit and hustle, but now you need to take your venture from one to 100. Specialty plugins that provide deeper analytics and minimize operational expenses will be your best friends.


Saving your most precious resource, time. Instead of wasting hours on end scouring the internet for a solution to integrate into your Joyride service, the Plugins marketplace has put in the search work for you. Find what you need quickly and enhance your tech stack with a few clicks.

What’s available through Joyride App Plugins? 

Here’s a taste of the tools currently offered via our App Plugins marketplace.  

Safe Ride: Joyride’s proprietary in-app reaction test to ensure your riders find a safe late night ride back home.

Group Ride:
This Joyride in-app multi-ride feature allows users to unlock up to 4 vehicles with just one single account.

ID verification by Veriff:
The leading provider of identity verification. Its seamless process ensures all documents required to keep your business compliant are processed in a single place.

Apple Pay/Google Pay:
Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make payments in person, in iOS apps and on the web, while Google Pay similarly enables users to make contactless payments directly from their apps. 

This integration allows customers to make purchases in a reliable, secure and easy way using direct online transfers from their bank accounts.

Stripe is the fastest and easiest way to integrate payments into your software platform or marketplace.
This end-to-end, cloud-based payments platform allows users to choose the product capabilities they need with total flexibility and maximum scalability.

MDS (Mobility Data Specification):
MDS is a secure, anonymized means of reporting trips, maintenance and fleet availability. It meets regulatory requirements in a plug-and-play manner for shared vehicle operators.


GBFS (General Bike Feed Specification): GBFS is the leading standard for sharing and promoting your system information about micromobility vehicles with third-party apps.

And much more…

Visit our
App Plugins page to discover an ever-growing list of marketplace solutions. These add-ons are available to new and existing Joyride customers and are seamlessly integrated with our platform. You ride, we provide. 

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