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Introducing website and branding design services for your micromobility business

Your website, ready to roll within weeks.

While the first steps to launching a micromobility business involve selecting your vehicles, activating your white-label app and fleet-management dashboard, and, in many cases, securing a city permit, the actual process of establishing your brand shouldn’t be overlooked. Since your company website marks your first impression, it should be among your first order of business, which is why Joyride now provides full-suite web design and branding development as part of our Joyride Alliance offerings. 

In enabling mobility operators to launch their companies with turnkey solutions, our branding and website development process includes:

  • Full branding conceptualization
  • Website copywriting
  • An easy drag-and-drop editing process
  • WordPress digital publishing with one-click template generation
  • Digital design for up to eight-page templates
  • Premium security
  • Live chat functionality
  • Desktop/mobile optimization
  • On-page SEO
  • Premium widgets and interactions
  • Marketing/CRM setup
  • Vehicle decal branding, and more….

We understand the importance of speed, which is why your branding concepts and website can be created from start to finish in about five weeks. 

Why web work? Being a white-label B2B software company, your business growth is our main priority. You need a website that easily conveys information to your customers, but in a way that’s on-brand, on-trend and on-demand. As we continue to see more entrepreneurs enter the micromobility industry or enhance their place within it, we’ve been fielding an uptick in requests from companies like Dega that are seeking web development and branding strategies, including design for physical scooter labels. 

Our web and decal design services are offered through Joyride Alliance, an all-new industry collective that gives micromobility operators access to exclusive perks, such as affordable world-class insurance plans, and group buying opportunities that can’t be realized elsewhere. As a Joyride operator, you’re automatically part of the Alliance and privy to the perks at no additional cost, but anyone is welcome to join through a registration fee. (Website/branding development is a cost incurred in addition to Joyride Alliance membership, whether you’re a Joyride customer or not. Find out more here.) 

By offering services beyond micromobility software to encompass RFP writing, insurance access and group-buying for hardware, Joyride Alliance is continuing our goal of being a one-stop solution for businesses to launch and grow in the micromobility market. To find out about specific web packages and design services, contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

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