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What you need to know about starting a shared mobility service [Podcast]

There are many moving parts to successfully launching and operating a scooter-share and bike-share business. From the onset, those looking to enter the micromobility market must consider their target market (is it a public shared system or a private model?), intended fleet size, funding opportunities, insurance coverage, what types of vehicles to operate, and, of course, the software platform that will keep the whole business running. 

As the world’s first turnkey micromobility software platform, we’ve mastered the process of getting scooter-share and bike-share operators launched quickly and affordably. And we love to talk about how we make that happen—and what it really takes to launch a profitable fleet. 

In this podcast, Joyride Founder and CEO Vince Cifani sits down with The Rideshare Guy Founder Harry Campbell to outline everything you need to know about successfully launching and operating a shared mobility business.

This shared mobility podcast discusses:

Characteristics of successful mobility operators

  • Can be profitable within the first year
  • Having a streamlined operational team
  • Hard workers and loyal customer bases
  • Keeping prices fair and having a strong brand

Unique micromobility operators

  • Fleet manager franchise model 
  • Operators using long-term rentals
  • Companies that work with amusement parks!

Private partnerships

  • Work with private businesses, hotels for micromobility companies
  • Some focus on the campus space only
  • Different ways to work with companies in niches

Future for Joyride

  • Continue to build out more on-demand tools
  • Enable operators to reach 10,000 cities worldwide
  • Goal to make this business even more turnkey and affordable
  • Expanding industry know-how

To find out more about launching and scaling a shared micromobility service, speak to a Joyride sales representative today.

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