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Joyride launches scooter share, expands micromobility platform

Toronto | Dec 10, 2018 – Joyride is expanding into scooter share.

Joyride, a world-leading micromobility platform, will officially launch its scooter-share offering with operators in more than a dozen global markets scheduled for early 2019. Joyride has already launched scooter share pilots with select partners in North America and Europe and plans to quickly expand its reach with more deployments.

The Joyride platform is a complete software solution for anyone interested in launching an independent micromobility-share system in their brand. Operators who launch with Joyride can offer their customers scooters, bicycles and e-bikes to rent all within the same app — a true multimodal system.

“While bikes are a great form of transportation in cities, one size doesn’t fit all for every city in the world,” says Vince Cifani, Joyride Founder and CEO. “There needs to be flexibility, and Joyride gives operators the hardware options they can’t find anywhere else.”

The diverse hardware integrations allow operators to select the product that best suits their needs for each modality, ensuring compliance with municipal regulations and user demands. Joyride has currently partnered with a dozen hardware manufacturers, and is scheduled to add several more in 2019. This means bike share and scooter-share operators aren’t fixed into purchasing one type of scooter or bike lock.

With respect to their rapid expansion and their existing operators, Cifani says, “We keep our pricing transparent so that costs are predictable at every level. We never take a cut of the revenue; our operators keep 100% of their rental fees. This ensures our customers can grow quickly without sacrificing profitability.”

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Joyride is the world’s leading micromobility platform with a presence in more than 60 global markets. Joyride has worked with governments, large-scale operators and startups to seamlessly launch micromobility fleets and reduce global carbon footprints.

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